Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Rural Thursday Blog Hop #15

Showers of Love...
for my niece Dean-na and baby-to-be Adelina!!

Months of planing and preparation,
every detail was attented to,
making sure the day was "perfect"...and it was. 

A beautiful day, filled with sunshine, lot's of love and happiness.

I made the diaper cake...
this is what 90 rolled diapers can look like,
this is a lot of "fun"!!

A close up of the details!!

I also made this cute little carriage, more diapers, wraped with a recieving blanket.
It's amazing what you can do with those things, besides the obvious.

I was in charge of games, in addition to these, I had a
"Guess How Many Marshmallows Are In The Jar"

My gifts are wrapped in receiving blankets.
A beautiful scrapbook, a baby book,
dated baby's first Christmas Ornament
and a soft green handmade crochet blanket.
I love the gifts I selected, nothing from the registry.

And there's the cute little jar of marshmallows.
There were 425 marshmallows, the hubs counted them,
and separated out the pink and whites.

Pretty pink ribbons, soft little details...

her first ornament for the Christmas Tree.

I made 48 cupcakes,

we packed everything carefully and we were ready to go.

Everything was so beautiful,
lot's of food was eaten, presents were unwrapped
and funny stories of Dean-na's childhood were shared.

For me, it's about the love I have for this girl, she is one of my favorites.
Dean-na and I...
your going to be a wonderful mom!!

So this is what's happening in my neck of the woods.
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  1. Congratiuolations for the birth of your niece. What a gifts you made her. Your are a very creative lady Debby. The gifts are wonderful.
    greatings marijke

  2. What a fun day. I love the diaper cake and bassinet you made - so clever! The cupcakes and table all looked fantastic. What an exciting time.


  3. Oh Debbie you are the most awesome Aunt anyone could ever have this is fabulous you always give everything everything you have and it really shows. Dean-na and new baby Adelina are very lucky to have you. You have to be the most loving, caring and creative people I have had the pleasure to know (in bloggerland).
    You are totally awesome and I am sure everyone had a great time.
    Happy days ahead for Mom and baby and Auntie:) B

  4. My heartfelt congratulations to Nicei.
    All gifts are lovely.
    And you're happy person Debby.

  5. Debbie you are such a creative and clever lady, everything looks wonderful. I bet you all had a great time as well.
    You must all be very excited about the arrival of the new baby.

  6. I am I so stealing the wrapping presents in receiving blankets idea from you! You made so many wonderful touches for a perfect baby shower. You are too kind.

  7. Totally gonna steal the "wrap the gifts in receiving blanket" idea!! It all looks so pretty all put together - big labor of love! The mama to be looks very happy and you look very proud!!

  8. That cake looks as good as a real one and has a lot less calories. You are so creative.

  9. i like that: "fun". uh huh. :)

  10. Hi - I am your newest your fun "purple blog." The baby shower looks like great fun. I love the diaper cake. Have a great weekend. I am looking forward to more of your posts.

  11. Those are awesome gifts you fixed for your niece. I have a niece with the same name.

    I would never have guessed there could be so many marshmallows in the jar.

  12. Everything looks great! You did such a nice job. I love the cake. I have always wanted to make one. Your cupcakes were pretty too.
    It looks like it was such a wonderful day. You are just the best. :)

  13. There's so much love in the preparations you have made. What a gift the two of you are to one another.

  14. What a beautiful mom-to-be! I'm sure her baby shower was so much fun. I'm looking forward to my daughter's in August, she's having a little girl too! I love all your wonderful creations from diapers!

  15. What a lucky girl she is to have an aunt like you who is so talented. What you made was awesome and so beautiful - everything. sandie

  16. What a beautiful and well planned shower. You can see how much love went into it in the little details. I love the gifts wrapped in receiving blankets, what an adorable idea. My shower is on Sunday but I'm in the hospital for preterm labor so I won't be attending :(

  17. WOW!! I guess diapers are your medium!! You certainly outdid yourself with crafts using diapers. Hee! Hee!

    Seriously, you outdid yourself with everything you made for the shower! :) I wish them all the very best during a very exciting time of their lives.

    And to think of all those diapers they have now!!! ;)

  18. Love the tiered diaper cake!

  19. Congratulations to your lovely Niece and baby-to-be.
    Wow Debbie, I'm truly knocked over at the fabulousness of everything. The diaper cake is such a marvellous creation! The carriage is so clever. Those cupcakes - oh my goodness, all the artistic delight that has gone into it all.
    Such a great day for all of you :D)

  20. Congratulations to your niece! Your cake is gorgeous! That is some real talent!

  21. Debbie, the shower looks wonderful. I am sure Deanna was very surprised and happy. The diaper cake is cute, you are very creative. Wishing you a Happy weekend.

  22. I am in absolute awe of your creativity and the love evident in the gifts you made. I am envious of Dean-na and Adelina!!!

  23. You are the best Aunt ever....wonderful, thoughtful gifts.

  24. The baby shower looks fun, cute decor and happy photo faces. I never knew you could make cute things from diapers. Creative! I'm glad you had a good time. That is pretty nice of you.

  25. A total explosion of Debbie-ness in this post. You really are so creative, even if you see something naughty in a photo of Common Mullein. Lol.

    Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week. xoxo

  26. Wow, love the idea of that diaper cake, you are so creative.

  27. I understand that you have been looking forward for the new member in the family.

    This is so nice! You have a LOT of fantasy to make this beautiful presents.

    Congratulations ...


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