Monday, June 24, 2024

Heat, Rain And A Puzzle

It got really hot here in New Jersey, high 90's, in some areas it was 100 degrees.
It wasn't just hot, it was humid as well.

We did the final clean up of the pool, got the corn hole set up, and have enjoyed two really nice swims.
The water temperature is perfect, 82 degrees, cool and still refreshing.
We are a bit rusty on the corn hole, this is a new set and the bags are filled differently.
After 3 games, Chuck was the total winner 1 - 0...
that's right between the 2 of us Chuck was the only one to score a point, and it was only one.
"I have placed my head down in shame". 

It started to rain while we were outside...
There was thunder and lighting and pouring down rain, it was the perfect storm...
I love when it rains.

We had to come inside and it was the perfect time for a puzzle.
The house got dark from the storm, and the thunder and lightning was intense.
The mood inside the house was also a little intense, 
putting together a puzzle "always seems like a good idea".

These puzzles are really cool.
If you would like to, you can put the puzzle together using the letters on the back of the pieces.

We separated the pieces into sections, A B C D and it does make it easier to put the puzzle together.
We separated them into little sacks until it was time to do that part.

I had the right side of the puzzle, of course...much more difficult to put together, mostly white!

We finished about 3/4 of the puzzle...that would be the hub's side, my face,
since I got stuck with mostly white.
I'll show you the completed puzzle when it is finished.

This is a high quality puzzle with wooden pieces from Wentworth Puzzles.


Marie Smith said...

Love the puzzle! You two stay busy!

BeachGypsy said...

I was wondering last week if yall had been in the pool yet. It's beautiful. If I tried the game I'm so uncoordinated I would surely--- ZOOM there it goes--- toss the game thing completely up and over and right into that river!! Ha ha LOL

Leanne Coppola said...

Your flowers and pool look so pretty! Do you know that I HATE doing puzzles??? hahah. I hate looking for things. But your puzzle is very cute. xoxoxo

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

That pool looks so inviting!

eileeninmd said...

What a cute puzzle and a great photo of you and your hubby.
I like to keep a puzzle going, I work on it occasionally. No hurry to get it done. I have some puzzles that have the letters on the back, it does help out during those hard times. We had some rain last night, we really need the rain. Take care, have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

The lovely photograph of you both makes such a super puzzle :)

All the best Jan

Jean said...

You two are the cutest! You always find such fun things to do together! Hugs from Jean in Bucks County

Soma @ said...

I also love when it rains. The plants loved it too I am sure. Your garden looks amazing. That is such a great photo of the two of you! Have fun, Debbie!


Danielle L Zecher said...

Your pool, deck, and yard look so pretty and inviting.

That's neat to have a photo puzzle. It seems like puzzles ALWAYS take longer than you think they will.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your pool area is lovely, Debbie, and how nice to be able to cool off with a swim. We also enjoy a good rainstorm and were all ready for a couple these week, but they never materialized. That puzzle looks like it would be challenging, but you certainly got a good start.

Kay said...

Your deck is so gorgeous, Debbie! I need to show your deck garden to my daughter. I love your puzzle too. That's so much fun!