Friday, June 11, 2021

The Coastal Queen

 We were sitting at the Point Pleasant Inlet Tuesday having donuts.
It was a beautiful morning,
the sun was out and there was a cool breeze.
A boat came into the inlet heading toward the ocean.
It was still a bit in the distance but I knew I had never seen this boat before.

I was so excited to jump up and get some pictures.

Look at this beautiful boat...

So if you know me, you know I talk to everyone.
If you don't know me, I talk to everyone!
There was a woman there also taking pictures and I asked her if she had ever seen the boat.
She smiled and said "I happen to know all about this boat"!
She said the boat was built in the 1920's, 
and restored by a man here at the Jersey Shore who restores old boats.
It is now complete and the boat is headed to Newport, Rhode Island where the owner lives.

Coastal Queen, Jamestown
I was so glad I took this picture.
When I did, I could not read what it said, 
but it was crystal clear when I loaded the memory card and viewed the picture.

What a thrill, this boat was so beautiful!


  1. I love the pictures and wished I could have been there. I have never been on a boat, but always wanted to. I love anything that has to do with water.

  2. Oh wow. I can just imagine sitting on that deck, in the sunshine, sipping champagne :0)

  3. Hello,
    It is a beautiful boat, great photos.
    Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Wouldn't it be lovely to sit on the deck of this boat while sailing on the water. It is such a pretty boat.

  5. Yes, beautiful boat. Love the wood trim.

  6. It is a beauty and a 100 years old. Wow.

  7. it is pretty, you know it reminds me of the old paddle boat style without the paddle attached, neat that you happened to see it before it left!

  8. Great photos of a beautiful boat. This old sailor loves such topics!

  9. Fantastic boat! Whoever restored it does an excellent job! It's the equivalent of seeing a vintage car.

  10. Certainly is a beautiful looking boat.

    All the best Jan