Monday, January 25, 2021

Staying Busy...

 I have not had too much trouble staying busy or happy during the quarantine.
I enjoy being home, and doing homebody things!

Crafts are my favorite pastime,
creating anything with my hands is always most enjoyable.

I had one last Needle Punch Ornament to finish and I thought this one came out great.
Each time I make one, 
it comes out a little better, a little neater than the one before.

I love to bake, usually completely homemade.
But these Ghirardelli Brownies are so good, 
I have never found a recipe that tops these.
My mixing bowls, 
40 years old, are considered to be antiques.

I like to cook...

The hubs and I decided we wanted to "taste" summer and 
what better way to do that than with BLT's.
We went to 
Delicious Orchard
purchased their homemade bread and a fresh, juicy tomato, to work with...
with extra mayo, these were so good!

We have also been grilling a lot...
these Hamburgers and Sweet Potato Fries were delicious.
Nothing says summer better than a hamburger from the grill.

Chicken with Blue Cheese Butter
with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Roasted String Beans
This was a Home Chef meal and it was really good.

I must admit that I am getting a little tired of cooking,
7 days a week, we rarely get take out, don't eat out because of COVID...
I would not mind it if someone came and cooked for me for a week.

Going outside to see these beautiful blue skies also helps pass the time,
and will definitely lift your spirits.

I saw these adorable Snowmen at 
Delicious Orchard
I couldn't help but photograph them to share here.

Taking car rides, taking pictures...

we cleaned this room which I use for storage.
It was a real mess since Christmas, I am so happy to have it all straitened up.

We watched this movie,
 if you have not seen it look it up,
it was really good!


eileeninmd said...


I feel the same way, I can find things to keep me busy at home. Your meals look yummy, I love BLT's and brownies. Pretty sky capture. The snowman are cute! We may see some snow tonight. I will look for the movie, maybe netflix or prime? Take care, enjoy your day and happy new week ahead!

Marie Smith said...

I love the variety in your post. Wish I enjoyed crafting. The things I would enjoy like knitting I can’t do because it hurts my neck. You are well and truly blessed.

Changes in the wind said...

Your snowman craft turned out wonderful and love the snowman pictures.

Hena Tayeb said...

Love those snowmen.
The storage area looks great all cleaned up.

Rian said...

Hi Debbie! Love this post. First of all, your needle punch ornament is adorable, your brownies look delicious, and we love BLT's... but it is hard to find tomatoes that have any taste these days. When I was growing up, we had Creole Tomatoes that tasted wonderful!

Susan Zarzycki said...

I enjoyed your post today! I also love boxed brownie mixes. Your pictures of food look delicious and caused my stomach to rumble as it's lunch time, lol.I often stress over what to cook. I am caring for my aged mother and it's become a real challenge to cook for her. Have a great week!💖

Lowcarb team member said...

Keeping occupied is the key ...
Your food looks very tasty.

Lovely blue skies and those snowmen are very cute looking.

Wishing you a good week ahead.

All the best Jan

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Since I just ate lunch a little while ago, the brownies would have made a nice dessert...YUM! There is something about chocolate after a meal that is wonderful Debbie!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Those brownies are so good. I have had them as well.

Conniecrafter said...

Your needle punch looks great, I like the distressing on the wood base!
Oh those brownies are delicious, I usually have them for my birthday :)
I am not really fond of cooking or baking, pretty much do it because I have to, we finally had to go food on Sunday after church, didn't feel like cooking so told hubby we should stop and get something, that was nice.
The two snowmen are too cute!
Nice to pick up some fresh goodies :)

BeachGypsy said...

Hi there Debbie, I love seeing all the neat crafts you make. You are very very good at this stuff! Oh my GOODNESS..those BLT sandwiches look so so delicious, that is one of my most favorite meals!! I bought a box of mix brownies, I need to get those made, I do love them! (too much, LOL) Hope your weekend was nice! Pretty skies!

Breathtaking said...

Hello Debbie!:) Your post really cheered me up, have been feeling down in the dumps lately, but with so much to see and admire,( the craft work) delicious looking meals, yummy brownies, Lovely blue sky,and humorous snowmen, I'm feeling much better already. I have seen the film, and and it's really funny.

LeAnn said...

I always love your uplifting posts. I think your needle punch projects are so cute. I love how you like to do these kinds of things.
Oh, those brownies look so good. I want to make some.
Tonight we are having Cheeseburger's and sweet potato fries. I love the photos of your food, it looks so good.
Love the photo of the lovely blue sky and the cute snowmen. We have one like that on our front porch. We love it.
Sending loving thoughts and hugs!