Tuesday, January 19, 2021

It's A Shore Thing...

 We went for a ride on Sunday afternoon, the hubs asked, "where would you like to go"?
"I need to see the ocean" I replied, "I really want to go to the beach".
When we pulled up, I hopped out, the hubs parked and stayed in the car.
Walking toward the steps I passed another woman my age...
"Is it still there?" I asked
"Yes", she replied...
"Good" I said, "sometimes I just need to see it".
"Me too" she said...
She must have grown up here, if you grew up here you get it!

The access to the beach was blocked off, 
beach erosion has taken over and the drop off was at least 12 feet.
But all I needed was to see it, and it was beautiful!

- there were a lot of surfers -

Howe Street Beach in Bay Head, New Jersey
I still don't know who does these cool shell displays.


  1. Hello, Debbie
    The beach and ocean are beautiful, I like the cute shell snowman! Great photos! Take care, enjoy your day!

  2. The sea calls us back too. It is in our DNA.

    Love that Snowman.

  3. Nice outing and cute snowman out of shells.

  4. I “get it’ Debbie! Love the ocean and miss it when I don’t see it. Fortunately, I need only to look out the window to see it these days!🙂

  5. Gorgeous! I have no idea what the water temp is, but I would have to think only the hardcore surf in January.

  6. No How Cool Is That - Beautiful Shoreline - Thanx For Sharing


  7. It's a funny thing....just seeing that big ocean and pretty beach make things feel ok. It's definitely a "local" thing. I need to take a ride up there. Maybe for my lunch hour. Yup...that's where I'll go.

  8. I too know what you mean, Debbie. The ocean/sea/water calls to us. It calms and put things into perspective. When we would sit by the water on the beaches in Oahu, it was like all our worries would slip away. Growing up in New Orleans, I had the Mississippi River, Lake Ponchartrain, and the Gulf all right there. I do miss being around water.

  9. Hello Debbie, I like you're Title!:=) The call of the ocean, happens to me too. Lovely shots, can almost smell the ocean. The rows of grasses are unusual, never seen that before, and the snowman is a fun thing to find.

  10. Oh how beautiful and how much I NEEDED to see it too! I've missed our day trips to the beach but we are staying closer to home and it's about 2 hours for us to drive to the ocean. Thanks for sharing! Take care of yourself! hugs!

  11. Still there and still beautiful. This makes me want to go also; we have a few here you know. :)


  12. I understand going to a place you love, just to see it. I'm impressed with all that Marram Grass planting. And the snowman making! Sorry you don't have real snow to make one yourself.

  13. Debbie - I enjoy visiting the beach, but I have never lived close to one ... I think we all have something that is a foundation for us. For me, it is trees. I need them, and I feel a pain in my heart every time one falls or dies. (It does pain me a little to cut one down for Christmas ....) I take it the grass plantings are to help with the erosion problem? Enjoy the rest of your week!

  14. It's always nice to visit a place that brings peace to your heart. These photos are lovely. It has been a long long time since I have been to a beach, but I remember well the sweet feelings of being there.
    Blessings and hugs!

  15. I am glad you were able to get to the beach, I know there is something about going down to the water that just brings a calm. I love those shell images they do, so fun and great to come across! Hope you are feeling better every day!

  16. It is so beautiful, great photographs.
    That shell snowman is brilliant.

    All the best Jan