Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Yarn Along

I am a nervous knitter.
Easy, predictable and boring.
I flip through books, I read excited to see what everyone else is knitting,
"I'm going to make that next I always say"!
But when it comes right down to it, it's not motivation, or time that I lack,
 but rather self confidence. 
Yep...that's it.
I knit easy stuff, repeat stuff, items and patterns that feel comfortable.
I can read patterns, I had an amazing teacher...
but when it comes to starting something new and unfamiliar on my own,
I can't pull the trigger.

So heres what's on my needles, 

Honey Cowl with Madeline Tosh Yarn,
this is my 3rd one.

I have Little Kim Lilac's in my garden and they are blooming right now.
They always bloom after traditional Lilac's and are lighter in color.
I have about 10 bushes along the back property line and they are filled to the brim with flowers.
I have vases filled with them in almost every room in the house.
They smell divine!

And just for the record, in life, I am not 
"Easy, Predictable or Boring"

I am joining Ginny at Small Things 
Yarn Along


  1. Bela fotografia deste trabalho em malha.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

    1. Beautiful picture of this work mesh. A hug and good week .

  2. . I love the colour of the yarn you're using Debbie..... it will be a beautiful cowl.. xxxx
    ...hugs... Barb xxxx

  3. Those Lilacs!
    If you are not knitting what you like, then there is no joy. Keep those needles busy with what makes you happy.

  4. Hello, I love the pretty cowl and the yard colors. I would think you should do what ever makes you happy. I am not sure why we have lilacs growing that will not bloom? Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  5. Of course you are not easy, predictable or boring!! I am loving that honey cowl on your knitting needles, Debbie. What a gorgeous colour. Those Lilacs bushes along the back of your property must smell like heaven.....they would certainly make all that fertilizer smell less potent. =) Happy knitting!

  6. Knit whatever makes you happy and relaxed. If you feel like pushing yourself, then go for it. You do beautiful work, and if you need some confidence to try something new, I will remind you that you CAN do it. :-) Lilacs do smell divine.

  7. Can't go wrong with a honey cowl in Madtosh. No shame in that my dear. Xoxo Andrea @ This Knitted Life

  8. I have 2 honey cowls myself, and have 2 more I want to knit! And, your lilacs! Beautiful! Mine were, alas, casualties of a very hard frost, so we will have none this year. So, your photo is greatly appreciated!

  9. I love that color of yarn!! It is so pretty. I just love the idea of a fence row of lilacs!! It must smell wonderful in your house!
    I like the name too. :) Have a wonderful day Debbie.

  10. I believe that's the way most of feel when starting something/anything new, so goodness don't be nervous. You do beautiful work, Debbie. And, like Farm Girl, I'm in love with the color of that yarn. :)

    So jealous of the flowers. Just gorgeous.

  11. A hedge of Little Kim Lilacs sounds heavenly. I would like to plant one and see how it does here in California.

  12. I've never heard of those lilacs. They sound wonderful.

  13. You are not easy nor predictable your knitting projects are complicated enough to me and beautiful I LOVE everyone of them I know how much work you put into them. That new cowl is pretty. Our Lilacs have not come out yet even they do not like our cold:) HUGS B

  14. I really like the mix of colours in the yarn - and your lilacs are just beautiful. I can almost smell the scent just looking at your photo's...

    All the best Jan

  15. Knit what makes you happy debbie however I think a little bit of you wants to 'step of the water' but are afraid. Nothing ventured, NOTHING gained. if you never try something new, you will already have failed however if you try something new and do not give up it makes you are a winner. Failure is NEVER fatal or final!

  16. OH MY WORD!! This is my favorite ever! LOOK at those colors! I love that you keep going - you'll branch out when you darn well feel like it. I have more to say for other posts - I've been sooooo lazy as I stare out my new living room windows! I'm sure the spell will be broken at some point...sorry I've been an unfaithful commenter - so "rude" to visit without saying anything!! HUGS!

  17. I think I am the same way with my crocheting and quilting, a little nervous about trying something new or unfamiliar not so much in the cardmaking but I guess I do that more and maybe that is why. Love the colors you have chosen for this one! Have you taken a picture of your lovely lilacs all blooming? I bet the ones you picked and have adorning your home smell wonderful!! Have a great weekend!

  18. Your new Honey Cowl colors are gorgeous. Those lilacs are so beautiful; I can almost smell them from here. I like the idea that they bloom later. I had a miracle bush that bloomed Lat win the fall that I wrote a story about a few years ago. These bushes are my favorite.
    Blessing and hugs~