Monday, May 23, 2016

Getting It Done!!!

If you follow my blog, you should remember that I live on a river.
Prior to today, access to the river, on my side of the property was impossible.
The slope was covered in brush and small trees.
We left it that way because we had 2 small boys when we moved in,
leaving it natural and not accessible for safety reasons.
The neighbor to the right of me, 
Mr. Mike, has awesome steps that we could use whenever we wanted to go down to the river, 
and the boys and I always went together. 
Safety first. 
Well Mr. Mike moved and those two little boys are 32 & 33 and they don't live here anymore.
We have lovely new neighbors but I was not comfortable asking them if I could use their stairs. 

So this happened, 
because the hubs wants me to be able to get down there...
there is a lot for me to see and photograph down by the river.

The neighbors were all thrilled and Mr. Gray house man,
at the end of the cul-de-sac,
said bring the machine down on my property,
I have a side driveway and it will be easier for you to get down to the river via my property.
How kind of Mr. Gray house man, he has not lived here long,
and we had never even met him.

It is a wonderful little street on which we live, only 6 of us.

We did well getting it down there, everything went smoothly!

The Bull-dozer is ours, 
before retiring, for 35 years, the hubs did site work and underground utilities,
he kept most of the equipment.

And here he is operating it, the man has skills.

He worked all day on Saturday and finished just before the rain started.
You can see my neighbor Bill's property on the left side,
now he is the only neighbor remaining that has not cleared his property down to the river.

The sod is coming next week and our lawn maintenance company will install it. 
The jet ski down bottom belongs to my new neighbor to the right,
the hubs gave him permission to park it on our property.
I'm not sure why he doesn't park it on his own property but perhaps he will now.
The grass that's already down there, on our side, Mr. Mike planted,
he used that patch of property as well and we used his steps.
The trees to the right, 
hug the property line and give a good sense of what is ours.
We are a friendly group.

And this is going to be a great spot for sledding this winter, 
once it's done...I can't wait!!


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  2. This is a game changer for sure. Enjoy.

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  4. Isn't it nice to have lovely neighbours. My, you live in a gorgeous neighbourhood. 'Tis great that you now have easy access to the river. I imagine that glorious river of yours provides you with oodles of opportunities of capturing perfect and interesting photos.

  5. great to have good neighbours but I would have cleared the way down to the river years ago. What a view adn photo opportunity Debbie. Great that your husband has the equipmeht to clear the site.

    1. i always had access on mike side, so i didn't really need to. this was a huge expense, one that wasn't really necessary until mr. mike moved out!!

  6. Excelentes fotografias destes trabalhos que tão necessários são.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

    1. translated: Great photos of these jobs that are so necessary. A hug and good week .

  7. Hello, Debbie. What a great idea to have your own access to the river. I could sit a chair there and just watch the water fowl, lol. You do have nice neighbors, it is awesome. We only have six houses around us too, the rest is the woods. Your hubby is very handy to have around. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

    1. yep, honestly, there isn't one thing he can't do!!!!

  8. You are certainly going to enjoy the new landscape; being able to sit and watch and take pics. :)

    Yep, I'd say Hubs is multi-talented; in fact, both of you are!

  9. Wow Debbie, that was always one of my questions in my head, was why you didn't go down to the river. Thanks for answering that. I bet you are going to be so excited to be able to walk down there now. It is beautiful. Your street just looks fantastic. What a beautiful place to live. I think that is so awesome that Chuck knows how to do that. I really don't think a man can ever have too many tractors. :) Have a great week.

  10. I love this post for so many reasons!! 1. Nice neighbors. 2. River. 3. BULLDOZER!! I want one. Funny how projects like this bring out the neighbors you've never met before.

  11. Heaven on earth for sure. Not sure if you knew this, but the Sherman family has a little family home on the bank of the river opposite of you. We spent many fun summers playing on the river and waterskiing. We probably went right by your house many times and never knew you!!! Good job Chuck for clearing that land for you both! Just beautiful.

  12. awww, congrats to you! i know the steps will be wonderful to have for your very own! good neighbors really make a place perfect...

  13. Wow, that's awesome! How nice! You are really going to enjoy that! Congratulations!

  14. .. this is wonderful for you ... but I'm sure you'll miss having the brush and trees sometimes....
    Have a wonderful day.. hugs.... Barb xxxx

  15. Must be fun driving a bulldozer! It lloks good to, quite a big change for you. Thanks for your kind comments.

  16. Debbie this is great news! Your very own access to your wonderful River! And it's great news that your neighbors are all so cooperative and friendly -- how important that is!!! I loved your documentation of this project -- great photos (your husband looks pretty happy to be exercising his great skills again) and how lucky you are that he knows how to do all that. I know you will enjoy every moment of your River time.

  17. He looks pretty happy (and confident) in his machine. How wonderful for you to be gaining access to that grand river!

  18. Oh, how wonderful it will be to access the river! Such nice neighbors and hubby looks pretty good sitting on his bulldozer getting it done!

  19. How terrific is all of this!

  20. You have great equipment and a handy operator! I'd love a tractor!

  21. Hello Debbie!:) Oh those lovely views,:) and nice neibourhood. Sometimes you just have to wait to make changes, and it's awesome that you decided to do this. Your hubby looks in his elemento manovering the bulldozer,.. the last time I saw him he was planting flowers in your front yard, how wonderful is that!!:) Lucky you!:)

  22. Great to see this Debbie, thanks for sharing.
    Nice neighbours can and do make such a difference.

    All the best Jan

  23. Oh that is wonderful that you will be able to go down easily on your own property, so great that your hubby still had the equipment to get the job done, I have a feeling you will have a bit more landscaping for him to do ;)