Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Starting with Seeds!!

I love to grow things.
I enjoy the excitement of planting a seed and waiting for it to break through the soil.
Late Winter, early Spring, I start my vegetable garden indoors.
It's not big, not too many plants...keeping it small, keeps it manageable and fun.
I like to start with seeds, rather than plants, I find it so much more rewarding.
Back on April 10th I started my garden, you can take a peek at those "dirty" details here.

Today, everything is growing well, especially with the lack of sunshine here.

The tomato kit I bought at Christmas Tree Store is doing the best.
There are more than ten plants and they are all very healthy!
These kits are a $ 1.50 and they are always the best producers,
and the tomatoes are always delicious.

So far, I have 5 healthy looking cucumber seedlings.
We love cucumbers, 2 years ago, with this brand of seeds, we got at least one cucumber per day.

Only one eggplant so far, but one will be enough if this is the only seed that grows.
I think I planted three seeds.
This is one of the kits from Christmas Tree Store but I have never tried the eggplant in the past.

This is the brand of tomato I planted last year, these are seedless and have a wonderful taste.

So here's the garden round up...

these are the healthiest tomatoes,

and these two cucumber plants are doing best.

A view from the top, so far, so good!!

And just a little p.s. in case you were wondering,
we went back to check on momma swan this weekend, no babies yet.

All the ground cover is growing up around her and she is very difficult to see now.


  1. your seeds are looking very healthy and ggrowing well. the swan has positioned her nest in a good spot for nesting but not so good for photographs!

  2. The seedlings are looking good. My wife has the green thumb and is doing the same. When it comes to those swans you have caught my attention. It's difficult to be there just at the right time of hatching.

  3. Que maravilha cultivar uma horta em casa, gostei das fotografias.
    Um abraço e uma boa semana.

    1. translated: How wonderful to cultivate a vegetable garden at home, I liked the pictures.
      A hug and a good week.

  4. Hello, Debbie! Congrats on your seedlings. They look like they are off to a great start. The swans shots are cute! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  5. Yes! Yes! This is my favorite time of the year. Just so you know I followed your planter planting last year and grew so many vegetables right on my deck and off the deck in planters!

  6. Your seedlings look wonderful and so healthy, my friend.

    And the swan is going to have babies? Oh my, how precious! Have a great day! Hugs

  7. Hi Debbie, how cool to know where a swan is setting. That is so wonderful to know that is there.
    Your seeds look wonderful. Your garden is going to be ready for outside soon. Everything looks great.
    It makes me want to get out and start working.

  8. We like to see how plants grow. Debbie.
    Here we have planted tomatoes in the garden, if all goes well, we will have them in July. Breast leg is very hidden ;)

  9. It must be very rewarding to see them grow and the reward is to actually taste them. Great photos Debbie. How do you protect everything from the squirrels? I was just wondering.

    1. Hi Debbie, thank you for getting back to me with an answer to my question above. I was curious because I would like to start growing tomatoes in a planter but wasn't sure if it would be worth it with all my furry rascals around. Your answer gave me some hope :)

  10. You guys are on a roll. I remember last year, and hope this will do as well! Speaking of the mama swan, at the park the other day everyone was enthralled with a turtle that wouldn't come out of the hideaway if anyone was around. She was protecting her babies.


  11. Oh, Debbie after seeing this I think I may have to take a road trip and pickup some seeds!...:)JP

  12. i could almost smell the wet dirt from your photos. :)

  13. You have quite the green thumb!

  14. It is just so rewarding to see the seeds coming through ... and I bet you are looking forward to tasting some home grown vegetables.

    Thanks for the update about the swans.

    All the best Jan

  15. Loved the dirty post ;>).... it is a good idea to start the seeds indoors like that -- we used to do that (in our former life). The plants (and seeds for stuff that had a shorter/easier growing time) used to go into the ground on Mother's Day (it was a family tradition -- after all the kids couldn't complain about helping on that day!) We gave up gardening once we were empty nesters -- I couldn't figure out how to cut back so that we didn't have too much for just the two of us -- it was easier to go cold turkey! (And then soon of course we sold our home to go traveling.)

  16. I see her, and it looks like she has quite a cozy little home there!
    Your seeds look great, Debbie.
    And you are not the only one with a lack of sun. Not been a good spring here.
    May be the price we pay for the historically mild winter.

  17. you start plants just like i do! love watching seeds come up and grow! Yours are looking great!! Do you grow flowers from seeds as well? I've had great luck with most flower seeds...especially vines and four'o clocks

  18. Very nice! My son does the gardening here, and he started his seedlings earlier than usual this year. They look great so far. Fingers crossed for a good growing season. Keep us posted on Momma Swan. I'm going to be a house finch auntie - I have one nesting in my hanging plant on the porch. Can't wait!

  19. I love that you start with the seeds and your plants to look very healthy. I hope to get some tomatoe plants going at least. This year due to our mission I won't have time to tend a garden. You have been my inspiration on doing the patio one last year. I will look forward to the photos of the Momma Swan's babies; maybe she will surprise you on Mother's Day.
    I am planning on looking through the posts I missed. I truly enjoy your posts so much and have missed reading them. Sending loving thoughts your way!

  20. They are looking great, we were going to buy some plants today but I was afraid since we had some more running around to do that I should not take the chance of them getting too hot in the car, maybe tomorrow :)
    I thought she looked like she was right out in the open before, I guess they know best and she knew the ground cover would get nice and green in time:)

  21. Good luck with the garden. Looks like you're off to a good start. Nothing beats a tomato from the garden, the store bought ones even the organics pale by comparison.