Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Cherry Blossoms That Weren't!!

Yes folks, you guessed it from the title, we missed the Cherry Blossoms.
I knew peak viewing was last weekend, but I remained hopeful...
I thought if I wished and hoped hard enough, 
the blossoms would stay on the trees, long enough for me to see them. 
But they didn't!

We have visited the past few years, making hotel reservations months in advance,
you have to keep an eye on the "bloom predictions"...
and hope you guessed right.
But we didn't!
Spring came early this year and with all the wind here in the northeast, everything was gone,
even the pretty pedals on the ground.

We did however see 3 late blooming trees which did allow me to get a few pictures.
Don't get too excited...most of these are close ups and all from the same tree.

The Jefferson Memorial

Spring came very early this year for Washington, D.C., better luck, for us, next year!!


  1. Aí está a Primavera com toda a sua beleza.
    Um abraço e uma óptima Terça-Feira.

    1. translated: There's the Spring with all its beauty .
      A hug and a great Tuesday.

  2. It looks so nice. Snow storm went through here Sunday night. So the blossoms look so nice to me.

  3. Hello Debbie, I am sorry you missed the blossoms. The wind the day before was just horrible. This weather is all over the place lately, the trees and plants will be confused. You do have some pretty photos of the blossoms and the memorial. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. The weather this year (wherever you live) has been rather a mix and so many blooms have flowered early or been blown away!
    Your photo's do look good, I particularly like the first and last ones. Not only the blossoms look good so does that blue sky.

    Thanks for sharing and have a good day.

    All the best Jan

  5. Such beautiful photos! I am sorry you missed it, I can only imagine the photos you would make... I hope next year you will be able to "catch" them!

  6. I am so sorry you missed it but the green looks pretty too. I like that picture of the Potomac with the Jefferson Memorial framed by those limbs. Did you at least miss the crowds?

  7. Oh how I wish they made camera's that also captured the smell:) So pretty.

  8. I'm back!!!!! I'm so glad you got there, had blue skies and saw a bloom or two at least! I love the green on the trunks - that's about all we've seen of spring up here - a few bits of green trying ever so hard. With this snow I'm sure the buds have been scared silly!

  9. Predicting these things is always tricky but I still enjoyed seeing these blooms! & visiting D.C. Is always lovely.

  10. Well at least you still caught some natural beauty. I love the blue, blue sky behind the blossoms. We have a freeze warning here tonight, so people will be covering up whatever they've already planted. We haven't planted anything yet.

  11. Like the way you have captured those young leaves..... so green and fresh.

  12. They do have such a short season but here in Canada, later on and a bit longer! Yes, better luck next year, still enjoyed your photos though.

  13. ah, well. a fun trip anyway, i'm guessing.

  14. Gorgeous photos, nonetheless! You only need one tree. :-) Love the second photo!

  15. Hey, it's Washington DC and you were there -- cherry trees or not. And that one you did see is beautiful.

  16. I am sorry you missed them, Debbie, but what you did see is surely beautiful!

  17. Sad to hear that you miss the beautiful view, but still the pics what you have posted looks beautiful.Hope the best for the next year...

  18. Hello Debbie!
    Beautiful pictures.
    The last picture is excellent!!!!!!!!

  19. At least you got to see a few. An early spring isn't a bad consolation prize.