Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Go Fly A Kite

I am 57 years young, and in my entire life I had never been to a kite festival.
In the last week, I have been to two...odd right?
The first one was in Washington last weekend and this past Sunday, we went to one in 
on the beach, only thirty minutes from home.

It was really something spectacular to see.
The sky could not have been bluer, the ocean prettier or the sand softer.
No words are necessary, enjoy the pictures!!

I would like to give a big shout out, thank you to the hubs.
He worked all day Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday, surprising me by
coming home early on Sunday to take me to this festival.
It was 2 p.m., he was tired, I was not sure it would be worth going,
not sure if the kites would still be up in the air...
He said, "let's just go", we went and it was just incredible, my kinda' show.

And for the record, the hubs took most of the pictures as I just walked around in total awe.
We had dinner in Pier Village at Wild Bamboo
Chinese food, we always order the same thing and dinner was so fresh and so good.
We may have started late, but we had a really good end to the day!

oooooh and there may have been a little chocolate at 
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

April 10, 2016


  1. Nice photos Debbie. Now you have me interested in attending one of these event.

  2. What a fantastic sight to see and all so colourful.

  3. Céus bem coloridos e como gosto de ver estes "papagaios" a voar.
    Um abraço e óptima Terça-Feira.

    1. translated: and colorful skies and as I like to see these " parrots " to fly.
      A hug and optimal Tuesday.

  4. I'm swooning over all those colors. I had to put on my shades.

  5. What a spectacular show! Love the colours. A long way from the little kites we used to fly as kids!

  6. .. the kites are wonderful Debbie...what a great afternoon you and your hubby had..
    I like the garden you started too.. hope everything grows well...
    Hugs... Barb xxx

  7. I think kite festivals are so beautiful. Great shots!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time, and the Hubs took some great shots. I love kites.

  9. Hello Debbie, the kite festival looks like fun! They are all beautiful kites against the pretty blue sky. Great shots! I am glad you went and had a great time. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  10. Great hubby...some of those kites look more like small planes!

  11. Wow...what a feast of colour.....fabulous photos!

  12. Your hubs is a star ... so are you ... to provide us with these lovely photo's.

    My nephew loves kite festivals and goes to them whenever time allows.
    I have only been to one and thoroughly enjoyed it - perhaps I will get to another later this year - I hope so.

    Have a lovely Tuesday

    All the best Jan

  13. What a very nice day Debbie. I love the pictures! I think I would be staring too.
    Your dinner sounds wonderful too.
    You and Chuck are a great team!

  14. Oh, this is fabulous! Lovely photos and what a sweet hubs you have for taking you! Chinese food and chocolate are the perfect ending! Hugs xo Karen

  15. WOW!!! These are certainly a far cry from the kites I remember from my childhood.Grant it,that was a looong time ago.:)

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

    Simply gorgeous; I'm so glad Hubs took you, and I must say he also takes awesome photos like you!

    This brings back a wonderful memory of my taking the little bro to fly his kite, so much fun. :)


  17. chuck - your hero. bless him and his big heart. love the kites against the deep blue sky.

  18. Your Chuck is such a sweetheart, but I know you know that!
    I have never been to a kite festival, and this looks amazing.
    So many beautiful colors, and I just love kites.

  19. So sweet of your husband and it looks like you all had a blast! WoW, the kites are spectacular, definitely a far cry from the ones I had as a kid, a long long time ago, LoL!

  20. How wonderful. Great place to be with such wonderful kites AND chocolate!

  21. Oh how beautiful those cheerful kites look flying way up high in the blue, blue sky. How fun to experience that festival. AND....chocolate as well....heaven!

  22. Oh my gosh how awesome is this! My dad would have loved to have seen these kites. - I'm showing this to Coleen as she loves to fly kites. So many different ones and oh so colorful. Your hubby did a great job with surprising you and taking photos. This was wonderful.

  23. Debbie I love this! I love watching kites and these are fabulous. And with two festivals in such a short while, soon I expect to be reading that you have bought a kite and are entering the Festival with your own ;>) (Why not? I've always thought I'd like to try flying one but never have ... well, you know, not as an adult anyway.)

    Your husband is a living doll!