Monday, April 11, 2016

Let's Get This Garden Started!!

It's that time of year again, or maybe it passed, as I do feel like I am a lil' late to the party.
But anywho, this past weekend, I planted my seeds and started my garden.

I like starting in Spring, and starting from just feels so much more rewarding.
Once the seedlings pop and the last freeze has passed,
everything will go outside, in large pots, on my wrap around deck.

If you follow my blog, you know I don't have a big garden...
3 or 4 large pots on my deck, 
keeping it manageable to water and maintain, therefore keeping it fun!

I use Jiffy Pots to start my plants in...
today I started tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and parsley.

I also use planting "grow kits" I picked up at The Christmas Tree Store,
one eggplant and one tomato.
They are 2 for 3 bucks, I have used them in the past and the tomatoes were outstanding!!

And on a side note, my tunes are on 
"Thinking Out Loud" 
is playing, it is the best song EVER written!

Progress mess, not too bad.

Here's the indoor garden.
If you look closely, thru the window, you can see the large square pots on the deck outside.
That will be home for these guys once they head outside.

Home for now, in front of the sliding glass door in the family room.
It's a great spot, with lots of sun and in plain sight so I don't forget to water them!

So what about you guys, have you started your garden yet?


  1. Hello Debbie
    What a great selection to get the garden started ...
    tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and parsley...

    Happy Growing
    Happy Monday

    All the best Jan

  2. alas...the bugs have eaten up everything I've ever planted

  3. Excelente trabalho e belas fotografias agora é só esperar que nasçam.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

    1. translated: Excellent work and beautiful photographs is now only expected to be born .
      A hug and good week .

  4. I like your garden. I always enjoy seeing what you are planting. Nope, no garden as of yet. Soon I think. We are having lots of rain, but soon as it warms up a bit I am sure I will have the bug. Have a lovely week Debbie.

  5. Hello Debbie, you have a great idea with these grow kits. I would like the tomatoes and the eggplant. Nothing started here yet, we are slow. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  6. Yep, started my seedlings indoors on the weekend.

  7. You have such a pretty set up! The soil looks so healthy. We are determined to get some things planted this year. Larry has some onion sets to put out, and I need to buy some seeds and put them in the raised bed. We had some freezes this past week. Hopefully, they're gone for spring.

  8. I have actually started!
    Well, kind of.
    I bought all of my seeds this weekend, and the flowers and bulbs have been arriving through the mail for a few weeks now.
    I won't be starting anything for a few weeks yet, as it is never really safe to put things outside here until right around Memorial Day.
    I am so looking forward to it though. :-)

  9. uh NO! LOL

    But, I do remember yours from last year, especially the tomatoes! :)


  10. Hope you get a great harvest this year!

  11. I've never actually planted anything but have been giving some thought to doing some container gardening this year!

  12. I am buying plants every week and working in the gardens until I drop! A lot of what we're doing is clean up and spruce up!
    I used to plant I buy reduced for quick sale bedding plants.

  13. You have done a great job. We need to put lot of effort to grow plants. All the best!

  14. I love that song too, feel so blessed by the man God brought into my life :)
    No I am way behind on my garden this year, we still haven't decided exactly what we want to do this year, I always plant green peppers because I eat a lot of them, in fact I just finished off the ones that I froze from last summers garden, I did go out an get all the weeds out of the garden but that is the extent for me so far. Will probably buy my pepper plants this year so I can get to eating them sooner ;) I may be doing your idea of the big pots on the deck soon, dragging the hose around to the garden every year is getting old, or I am ... LOL!