Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!!

My Mom turned 80...
when you "turn" 80, you get 2 parties!!
This cake was absolutely delicious, I did not make it!

  Pretty cookies for everyone to take home.
I did not make these either but I did order them from Etsy.
They were really beautiful!!

 Our Family!!
You can see the hubs there, with my nieces and nephew.

 My brother Eric and his wife Sandy.

 My sister and my amazing cousin David!!

 Erma, Lynelle and Paul
My mom adores Paul and he is like family!!

 Paul and my mom's oldest and dearest friend, Phyllis

 My 80 year old mom as we sang happy birthday!!

 The hubs and I...

 My brother Eric, sister Kathy, Me and Mom...

 My favorite Aunt and Uncle, Janet and David


 The girls...

 beautiful women!!

 Juan and Emily, Em is my niece,
I LOVE these 2 people!!

J is my nephew, I adore this guy!!


  1. How fun! Happy Birthday to your mom! Great photos!

  2. What a beautiful family you have, Debbie, and that cake is just gorgeous!

    I hope your mom had a most wonderful day.

  3. Looks like a great party! Your mom looks amazing...what a blessing to have her for so long! Wonderful to meet your family!

  4. Truly blessed, truly blessed, truly blessed.
    And what a gorgeous cake and beautiful mama. :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your mother! She is a beautiful lady. Wonderful photos. Gorgeous cake and cookies.

  6. Debbie, your Family is so wonderful ! Happy Birthday to your Mam !

  7. looks like it all went really well! i know she must have been pleased as punch. :)

  8. How nice and what a great family. It looks like a very happy celebration.

  9. Happy Birthday to your sweet mom,Debbie!What a wonderful family!!I like the cake and the cookies!Gorgeous pictures!!

  10. Beautiful cake and your mom still looks so young. What a blessing family is.

  11. A blessed Happy Birthday to your mom.

  12. Happy Birthday to your mom !
    It look like a fun time was had by all.
    What a wonderful family gathering.

  13. Happy Birthday to your Mom! It looks like a wonderful party, the cake and cookies look delicious. Lovely photos of you and your family.. Have a happy week!

  14. Happy Birthday to your Mom! Looks like she had a wonderful group of people to celebrate with!

  15. aww, you all look so much alike. definitely related. such a great family. i love the cake & cookies. what a fun time. ( :

  16. Beautiful Birthday gal. Beautiful Family. I can feel the love right through the computer lines.

  17. How fun!! Happy birthday to your mom!!

    I think you look like your aunt.

  18. Just wonderful. And...I've been craving cake for days. This did not help!!!

  19. I loved seeing your family! Such pretty faces. Your mom has such a sweet smile. That's a really good photo of her looking at the cake. I hope she enjoyed her special birthday. :-)

  20. Bleated birthday wishes! Glad to see all the photos. So much of fun with beautiful cake and cookies.
    May new things come into your mom's life. God bless!

  21. What a party and what a cake.
    And your mother look's really young.

    Wish her a really nice birthday!

  22. Your mom does not look 80!! Love all the happy faces surrounding her on her special day. That is (was) a beautiful cake! Happy belated birthday!!

  23. I don't think your Mom looks 80!!! I would have guessed 70!!! You had a great party, though!!! All that love spread around!!!
    And the cardinals in the next post are lovely!!

  24. Thanks for sharing the birthday photos, Debbie, and Happy Birthday to your mom. She had a great celebration with famiky and friends.

  25. Happy Birthday to your Mom - and your family is lovely, and I'll bet fun-loving too!

  26. Such a happy occasion to celebrate. Happy Birthday to your mom. That cake did look awesome.

  27. What a wonderful birthday celebration.The pictures are lovely. It is fun to see all of your family. I can see that you have a great family.
    The cake looked yummy.
    Thanks for sharing your family celebration.
    Blessings for this lovely one!

  28. Happiest birthday to your mom, it looks like it was a lovely celebration. Oh, and those cookies and cake look fabulous as well! :)

  29. A lovely family holiday. Congratulations to your mom!
    Kisses for her and for you;)