Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tractors, Through the Ages

When we went to Pumpkin Fest at Delicious Orchard,
they had the coolest tractor display.
All shapes, colors, sizes and ages, this want-to-be farm girl was in heaven.
McCormick Farmall, this was a beauty!
McCormick - Deering, the tractor for the new age farmer!
John Deere, this is what my tractor would look like.
He might get a new paint job, do you think he would mind purple?
Allis - Chalmers, I thought this was a strange lookin' fellow!
Cockshutt, this guy had earned his keep!
McCormick Farmall Cub
I was born in 1957, not retired yet, I am still working.
My sidekick is used to cut hay!
John Deere, of the Vintage Varity
I bet this guy has more then a few miles on him.
So what do you peeps prefer, new and shiny...or vintage perfect?
I like the "distingushed" guys best!


  1. These are awesome! I love the second one and the Allis-Chalmers! My grandfather had an old school Allis-Chalmers for years and it was still running after he passed away. It had turned a solid rust color, but was a great tractor.

  2. That's all that's missing on that vintage John Deer, is my uncle Lawrence with his pipe in his mouth.

  3. Hi Debbie That looked like a fun thing to do. The tractors photographs are great, some ole,some new. I think the older ones have more character.

  4. How cool -- my little grandie would love seeing these tractors!

  5. Debbie, My daughter wants my dad's John Deere which he purchased the month she was born. She wants to paint it pink! Pink....purple....hey it's still a John Deer! I hope you are having a grand weekend. Hugs! Bonnie

  6. Welcome Debbie!
    Wow ... fantastic vehicles.
    Great series of photographs.
    Greetings from Polish far.

  7. I think they are all incredible. My brother has a old ford tractor. He loves that thing, I think my favorite is that red one that looks like a spacecraft. I have never seen a tractor like that before.

  8. Living in farm country I have never seen the Cockshutt nor the McCormick-deering. I love seeing the old tractors. The ones they use today are HUGE!

  9. my dad had an old allis-chalmers. loved that little tractor. the only one i expected to see here but didn't was a cute little gray 'oliver'. they run forever, too. :)

  10. Old or new,I prefer the green ones. My Daddy was a John Deere man through and through.

  11. Beautiful serie tractors photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  12. Special but I prefer sport cars.


  13. What a spectacular display of rural royalty. Great shots. That new-age/space ship one might scare the livestock - it would the very least, I would have to stop my car and take pictures if I passed by and it was out in the field.

  14. Well Miss Farmgirl want to be you are well on your way now, you have My Hero is drooling just seeing those shiny red tractors (I had to show him) it does not matter if they are old or new as long as they are red. We would have enjoyed this one. People put a lot of work in rebuilding these. Thank you for taking us along.Fantastic photos. Hug B

  15. I like guys with character and that only comes with age.....

  16. LOVE those vintage tractors... my dad built his own, our of spare parts, a bit of this and that, and it worked perfectly!

  17. you had me at tractor. i love them all ... if i had to pick .. i would go for one of the John Deere. such beauties. ( :

    fun post. i enjoyed it big time.

  18. I love the old tractors. My dad had a red Farmall. I think my cousin still has it. These photos bring back a lot of memories. :-)

  19. I could totally see you riding a purple tractor!!!