Tuesday, October 1, 2013

On the Way

Driving to the Alpaca Farm on Sunday,
we were in Ranch Country, Monmouth County, USA.
We passed so much acreage and saw a huge variety of farm animals.
This beautiful homestead was full of cows...

with a little focus on barbed wire!!
These cows were small,
they stuck close to the fence...
they looked like youngin's...
but I'm not sure I want to go out on a limb and say they are babies.
Last time I guessed about the baby horses, I was wrong.
Sorry, I'm a "country want-to-be!
So what do you guys think, are these babies??
They sure were beautiful.
Do you stop along the roadside to photograph farm animals??
Have you ever been chased, told "this is not a petting zoo...
or ever seen a "No Trespassing Sign"
as a result of your visit?
I have to say YeS, to all of the above.
BUT, never at Arrow Acres Alpaca Farm 


  1. I will have to find out the right answer. You are never told to go away at our farm.

  2. Welcome Debbie!
    Excellent photos.
    I love to see the young animals.
    They are so beautiful.
    I send greetings from distant Polish.

  3. Very nice and I bet you could say that those were babies. :) You are so funny. No, Debbie I don't stop when I see them. I never thought about it until I read that you do.
    You are brave. :)

  4. I don't know if they are babies, but they sure are handsome animals!

  5. I stop ... and have been given the "evil eye" by the cows, not the owners.

  6. Beautiful are the photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  7. New Jerse y must be a great place to live! I always thought it was big cities and crowded places. Thanks for opening my mind to the beauty of NJ!

  8. I love the photos. I would guess that they are babies, but how would I know? :-)

  9. Very cool shots! Oh to live in the country! And I LOVE IT! Happy October with all of its colorful glory! Aloha

  10. Oh Debbie - you are so adorable!!!

    Those are MY FAVORITE COWS IN THE WORLD> They are baby herefords!

    Buttons raises herefords -

    when they get older, they get the cutest little mops of blonde curls on top of their head - like they all had grandma perms at the beauty shop!


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  12. The cows are so sweet looking, they maybe teenagers? Cute photos.

  13. I'm a country want-to-be also, so I haven't a clue about their age - but - I do know they're pretty adorable!

  14. I'm not guessing--I'm a city gal too! That's okay about the mini-horse--I wasn't sure myself. :)

  15. I grew up on a beef farm (Black Angus), but I can't tell you if these are babies or not! :-) Doesn't matter--they are so sweet looking.

    Sorry I haven't been around lately. Hope I'm getting back to my routine. I've missed you!

  16. judging by what I see around the countryside I would say they are babies about 6 months old. Whatever age they are they are so cute. And yes I do stop sometimes and take photos of the animals.

  17. I think they are definitely young and so cute. Did you see the eyelashes on them? Wow!
    I take pictures of animals all the time and I don't have to look far, just outside my windows. I live in the heart of farm-country. :)

  18. Hi Debbie Youngsters! Wow! To have eyelashes that long would be wonderful! So cute.

  19. Oh Debbie Feralwoman is right they are just like the ones walking around in my field Herefords are wonderful gentle and beautiful cows. I wish we had some cute little youngin's like those ones right now. You can be a farmer here anytime you like. BYOB (bring your own boots) HUGS HUGS B

  20. They look like babies to me too but I'm totally not a farmer either!

    I love barbed wire! I have no idea...I just think it's so rustic and charming :)

  21. I never get tired of photographing farm animals ! lol
    Love seeing these guys in all their detail .

  22. I always liked these hairy cows.


  23. I don't know if they're babies, but they sure are fuzzy!

  24. I'm pretty much a "city" girl myself but I believe these are young cows. I love the coloring and the shot with the barbed wire fence.