Thursday, October 29, 2020

Jack O' Lantern Experience Part II

 Today, I am sharing
the rest of the pictures from the 
Jack O' Lantern Experience at Skyland Stadium

- If you saw my post on Monday, you can skip over this next part and head straight to the pictures -

Thursday, without too much planning, we decided to take a ride and see this 
Halloween - Pumpkin 
stay in your car, drive thru experience.
Similar to a drive thru Christmas light display but with pumpkins.
You needed to pre-purchase timed tickets, and all they had left for Thursday evening was 9 p.m.,
the weekend was sold out, and I thought that would be too crowded.
The hubs said no problem, once he got home and ate,
he would sleep and we could go after he woke up.
The only "tiny" - "this is not the perfect evening trip"...
it was a 2 hour drive from home!
I was fine with it, of course...and the hubs seemed fine with it,
so I pre-purchased the tickets on-line.

- it was not to disappoint -

Skyland Stadium in Frankford Township, New Jersey, 
whomever put this together did and awesome job!
And I am so grateful to people like this who are giving us things to do, 
that keep us safe and bring us joy!


R's Rue said...


eileeninmd said...


Wonderful pumpkins and light display. Your photos at night turned out beautiful. It is nice to have these fun attractions to visit during these stressful times. Take care, enjoy your day!

Marie Smith said...

Love the pumpkins. Our daughter and four kids carved pumpkins yesterday afternoon. Then they all crowded into a tiny windowless bathroom to see the lit pumpkins. They love crowding in the bathroom as much as the carving.

Brian King said...

That's fantastic! The idea is genius. I don't know if this was the first year ever for the display, but if so I bet it continues even after Covid is no longer so prevalent.

Changes in the wind said...

It was sure a lot of work to put it all together and am sure there was a fee to see it but what a treat.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm not sure about visiting that fairy castle this weekend! heehee! But they sure used a LOT of lights for this display! I love it! Oh and I mentioned you on my post today! I need your help AGAIN! Hugs!

Sally said...

Debbie! How awesome this is. A lot of people sure put great thoughts into the displays.

Thank you!

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Dear Debbie!
A beautiful photo and a fantastic idea.

Hugs and greetings.

DeniseinVA said...

That was definitely worth it and thank you for sharing all these great photos!

Lowcarb team member said...

We all need joy in our life and these fabulous photographs of the pumpkins and light display definitely delivers a lot of joy :)

All the best Jan

Conniecrafter said...

I agree that they did a fantastic job with these displays, I really like seeing all the different faces they put on them. The white ones look cool with how they made them into snowmen, so fun!

Ida said...

These are just so fun and creative. That shark was super cool.

LeAnn said...

I do think it is awesome that people put together these kinds of things that can be viewed and are safe to attend. It's amazing what can be done if it's in unity.
All the photos were fantastic and I love that you share them. We don't have very many things like this in our area.
Sending hugs your way!