Sunday, July 1, 2018

Riding The Morgan

If you ever visit The Sagamore Resort make sure you take the boat ride they offer on 
The Morgan
It is free to hotel guests - they told us we would be gone 45 minutes,
but we were gone about double that.
I'm surely not complaining about that it was a wonderful ride, BUT
these people up here have a real problem with time accuracy.
You will understand that if you read yesterdays post.

These boat houses were very common, and very beautiful! far as the eye can see...

The Castle

then back to the hotel.

Can you see all those steps?

Awesome boat ride...gorgeous day!



  1. That must have been so much fun. You saw lovely sights that’s for sure. Thank you for sharing them with us out here.

    1. thanks especially beautiful area!!!

  2. Maybe it’s just called vacation time.

  3. It looks so leisurely Debbie. That boat house was better than many homes!

  4. WOW....What a beautiful area! Great place to visit for sure. I loved that first house you showed, even the boat house is amazing.

  5. Hello, beautiful views of the mountains and the hotel. A great place for a vacation. The boat ride looks like fun! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!

  6. Gorgeous scenery! I've been to upstate New York and loved it. It's really beautiful country. That's an impressive photo of the hotel property!

  7. Schöne Landschaft und schöne Bilder von der Bootsfahrt.


  8. It looks like a beautiful ride with some lovely scenery along the way.

  9. Wow does that look like a lovely area, so cool, wow that is crazy the amount of time difference, I get motion sickness so to be on a boat for that long would be too much probably :( I love the boat houses that match the main house. Wow there were quite a bit of people at the hotel wasn't there. How neat to see the area!!

  10. I can see why you are not complainging Debboe it is beautiful Have a wonderful week ahead.

  11. I can't wait to be there!!!!!!!!

  12. Lovely photographs …

    All the best Jan

  13. It looks like a wonderful day for a boat ride and I loved all the photos. It reminds my of Lake Coer d’laine in Idaho. What a lovely trip this has been and the hotel looks like such a wonderful place to stay.
    Blessings and hugs!