Thursday, May 24, 2018


- we went to see -

what a great movie, with a twist...did you know there was a twist?
I didn't know...

Charlize Theron was awesome, she always is...

Once again the place was packed...not!

Not another soul in the theater!!

We got the large popcorn...
I always say I am not going to eat any, 
and I always end up scoffing down half the bag.
Then I have popcorn regret.

An afternoon show, my favorite time to go!


  1. Hello, looks like a great date with your hubby. We enjoy going to the movies in the early afternoon too. I like avoiding the crowds. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the holiday weekend ahead.

  2. I never go to movies. The last one was the most Star Wars, The Last Jedi, and even that was empty like this!

  3. My favourite time to go to the movies too Debbie!

  4. Going to the movies is something we don't do ... but I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

    Can you believe it will soon be Friday - where do the weeks go?

    All the best Jan

  5. I love a good movie! Week after next I am taking Amber to lunch and a movie to celebrate her birthday. I can barely believe she is going to be 33 years old. My 'baby' boy will be 30 in August! All my children love movies!

  6. I will have to look that one up, I haven't heard of it. That's the way I like to watch movies too, not too many distractions that way :) Have a great weekend!

  7. Wow, not a single person there? I haven't even heard of that movie.That is funny about the popcorn.
    A cute picture of Chuck.

  8. This looks like the perfect date! I love that you had the theater a lone. I can relate to the popcorn. I always pay for it later but I am addicted to Popcorn at a movie. I loved the cute photo too of your guy.
    Hugs for you two!

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