Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Just Outside My Window

The sun came out briefly...
I took 42 pictures of him and he seemed to be enjoying it.
The Male Downy Woodpecker
posing nicely, showing off both profiles and some of these pictures highlight his claws/feet nicely.

* winking *

You can thank me in the comments for "not" sharing all 42 images.
I had so much fun with this little guy,
but I have to wonder if even the birds are getting sick of me.
Hanging out the window, talking to them...
in most of these pictures, he was only about 2 feet away from me.
Use to be the woodpeckers were pretty skittish, 
but not this one, he wanted to be sure I got his best side!!


  1. Hello Debbie!:) What delightful images of the Downy Woodpecker. Clearly he was enjoying the warmth of the sun, and in the one with his eyes closed, you can just feel his contentment. I always think that if the feet of a bird are in focus, it's an excellent photo. You can't get better than these wonderful captures.

  2. That window is in the perfect location, clearly.

  3. He’s a beauty and your pictures are fabulous!

  4. Hello, Debbie! I think he is a show off and enjoys modeling for you! Awesome photos. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  5. Thank you so much for these! I’m waiting for a friend to come over and refresh my bird feeders so hopefully I will see some interesting birds. Too bad I never can take a decent picture! Thank you for yours!

    1. thanks gloria! it's good if you can keep the feeders full during the winter, the birds have trouble finding food in winter!

  6. You could never post too many pics for me! I love them all!

  7. What a wonderful model,love that he posed for you. Great pictures!

  8. Your captures are amazing, and this little guy often comes around here too, but not lately! Kind of cold!

  9. Oh,Debbie,he certainly was posing for you.I can almost detect a smile on his face. :)

  10. I would happily enjoy seeing all 42! As always, your captures are beautiful, Debbie. :)


  11. You certainly got his best side. So darling! Great shots!

  12. I'm so pleased you wrote that you talked to the birds ...I find that I do too!
    Great photo's again Debbie, he is one good looking bird.

    All the best Jan

  13. These are so nicely done. Love the winking photo.

  14. You captured him so nicely, we have a suet feeder a couple feet from our window and we have one that comes and I always know he is there from his chirping noises he makes, I love the little bobbing back and forth he does too. Pretty soon they will be landing on your window sill :)

  15. Fantastic photos! Love the catch light! It's very difficult to get photos of mine away from the suet.

  16. Yes, I can see he has personality plus! These are fantastic bird shots for sure. I love the stunning colors.
    Big hugs!

  17. This little guy is a character, and you can actually see that in his eyes.
    I also think he is posing just for you!
    Beautiful photographs, Debbie!