Monday, January 29, 2018

Gull Island

Continuing from Saturday's post...

more from Gull Island

These two pictures are of a Loon

This pretty duck is a Male Bufflehead, a real standout in the water.

These ducks swim with fast jerky movements, always diving for dinner.
You have to be quick if you want a picture...
I am not quick but I am very patient.

One Male Bufflehead with two Female companions.

Two Female Buffleheads 

This Bufflehead swimming toward me, these ducks usually swim away from me...
another characteristic that makes them difficult to photograph.

All of the boats have been removed from the water.

The winter landscape looked really pretty to me...

The sky is gray, the air frozen,

the scenery is stark and the wild grasses that line the waters edge are a crisp dark brown.
This body of water will eventually lead us to the ocean.

The train went by while I was there.
There is something mysterious about trains, I adore the sound of the whistle.


  1. Hello Debbie, I love the Loons. They are cool looking birds. The Buffleheads are pretty, of course the male is showing off looking prettier than the female. I love this scenery and water views. Neat shot of the train. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  2. Hello Debbie!:) Your North American black and white Buffleheads are very rare visitors here. Nice to see both male and female swimming together, also the sweet faced Loons. I love trains too Debbie. I used to travel to work every morning by steam trains, and enjoyed every minute of the journey.

  3. Beautiful pictures

    We live on the tracks but we only have cargo trains, I guess they're called. Mostly from the mines.

  4. Aren't they just beautiful, I don't think we have those around here, I love when they go around as a couple, so sweet, love the reflection you got on the one, very cool!

  5. You took in the scene with every sense by the sound of it, Debbie. It sounds and looks lovely.

  6. Wow! More great photo's, Debbie. :)


  7. Beautiful photos! The loon is outstanding! Those Buffleheads are gorgeous! Some ducks just seem more difficult to photograph given their tendency to stay away from the shoreline. Mergansers are that way.

  8. The Loon looks so different in it's winter plumage, but still beautiful. Great set of pictures.

  9. They are just beautiful, Debbie.
    I especially love the loons and the wonderful sounds they make.

  10. As always sweet friend, you get the best of pictures of birds and the scenery surrounding them. You are amazing. Winter does have it's own unique beauty and you captured it well. I love the different colors of the male and female birds. Nature is just so incredible.
    Thanks for all photos that you take that bring joy to my life.
    Warm hugs!

  11. Who knew?! Ahhh, Debbie and Chuck know :> and thank you ever so much for bringing us along with your most beautiful photographs!