Tuesday, September 26, 2017

MarineLand - Part I

Day 2 in Canada...
I have such a great love and admiration for aquatic and wild animals.
But of course, I have a love/hate relationship with Zoo's, and facilities like this.
I so enjoy seeing these animals up close, but seeing them in captivity tears at my heart strings.
I prefer to see them happy and free, 
but I can't ever imagine seeing some of these animals in the wild.

Our first stop was Arctic Cove, where the Beluga Whales swim gracefully around the pool,
they appear happy and well cared for.

In Friendship Cove we were able to see the one rescued killer whale they had.

Their Blog is interesting and there is a wonderful video on the blog 
about how the animals are watched, cared for, fed and played with.
The video talks about the relationships they develop here with the staff and other animals.
It highlights the safety the animals enjoy in MarineLand.
It puts your mind at ease about living in MarineLand if you are a wild animal.

I am going to share a few more pictures of the animals tomorrow!


  1. I just hope that they are truly happy there. As you said, one can never know. They do look well taken care of, but the heart of the animal could tell a different story. I like your images regardless of that. Thank you for sharing and have a great day.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. They are amazing, but they should be free.

  3. They are so interesting, aren't they? I'm sure they're well taken care of.


  4. I've never appreciated the beauty in the sea that much, which has always kind of surprised me...since I go googoo over just about every other aspect of Mother's nature I come across. But I've always been amazed of the Beluga. They are more like space aliens. Beautiful. Secretive. In their own little niche.

  5. I've seen belugas in person but never an orca. Maybe one day

  6. I agree that it is always better to see nature in the wild, but as long as the animals are well cared for I do enjoy seeing them however I can.Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  7. Hello Debbie. I love your photos. All the whales are beautiful. I have the same love/hate feelings toward animals in captivity.
    Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  8. Great photos, Debbie. Such majestic creatures!

  9. Wow, beautiful ! I love the Belugas !

  10. Most people wouldn't care if the animals are happy or not--they are just instinctual animals. Who would know. As long as they are fed and treated well, at least they aren't out in the wild with a chance to be killed.

  11. The belugas do look happy! I know we thoroughly enjoyed our visit many years ago.

  12. The following is my Personal Opinion.

    With no reflection on your opinion, or anyone else's opinion.

    And no reflection on your having enjoyed this park.

    I have done the same, in the past.

    With love, Luna Crone

  13. Beautiful to see, yes.

    But no video, can convince me, that these huge creatures, are happy in captivity.

    Happy is a relative word. A word. A human word. Did anyone ever interview a whale, and ask, if he was happy, there?

    Just because they aren't throwing themselves against the sides of the pool, doesn't make them happy.

    Wild things are "happy" when they are living, as they are designed to live. No big whale can live as he was designed to live, in captivity. He isn't going to get chased by another, but does that very human concept, necessarily make him happy?

    Luna Crone

  14. To see them, up-close-and-personal... Go on a whale watch! Believe me, they can be very up-close-and-personal. Enough to be scary to a scardy-cat like me. ,-)

    You must have gone on a whale watch, yes...?

    There, we see them, really happy.

    Living wild. Living as they are designed to live.

    Danger lurks? Yes! And that is simply a part of their existence.

    I will stop now!!!!

    And hope you still love me Debbie... :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  15. They are such lovely creatures! They do look very happy and content.

  16. Don't like the captivity aspect, but we went to the Vancouver Aquqrium with our grandson, and he was thrilled. I'm convinced that these places provide an amazing educational value that can be translated into conservation of habitat.

  17. The Beluga and the Orca are amazing to look at. Fabulous photos Debbie! I know we all have our opinions about these places and would rather see them in their own natural world, but I have also heard that these places are the last line of defense against extinction. I don’t know if this is true and there are those who would disagree vehemently, but it does give me pause for thought.

  18. WOW! I haven't thought about Marineland since I was a kid!!! Looks like you had a great visit...:)JP

  19. I feel the same way about these places, but like you said we wouldn't see many of them and as long as they are well kept after, it makes me feel better. Great pictures of them, must have been amazing!

  20. Ooooooo, I just love that whale, Debbie.
    How much fun this must have been.

  21. Agree with you on mixed feelings on zoos and such ... but this one looks to be very good; plus I think many such facilities do good work on saving and studying endangered creatures, so that's a definite plus. Great pictures of the whales --- it's hard to take pics down into the water (for most of us -- you are such a good photographer!)

  22. It was fun seeing the Whales in your shots. I visited a Marine Land in California many years ago and so loved the shows they had there. Yes I know animals should be "free" but if they aren't being abused or mistreated what is the harm in the joy they bring to people who would never have a chance to see them in the wild.

  23. Are you home mow? What a fun time you have had. Gosh, I didn't know I was behind so far. I need to get my blogging back on. :)

  24. They are amazing. We went whale watching with my brother a few years ago. I agree about zoos...

  25. You did get some awesome shots of the whales; just amazing. I understand the feeling of seeing animals in the wild and not behind fences. I do think they are well card for and maybe safer in the long run. Blessings and hugs~

  26. What beautiful creatures! I feel the same way about captivities; love to go see animals I would never be able to see otherwise, but hate that they are in captivity!

  27. Beautiful creatures Debbie. I love your images but like you I prefer to see them free.
    Have a wonderful week :)

  28. The Belugas are rather comical yet cute! It almost looks like they are smiling!