Monday, August 25, 2014

Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Talking to the locals is one of the best things you can
do when you are away on vacation.
While we were in Stonington, Connecticut,
I found a local kayaker who had a wealth of information about the area.

He pointed across the water he had just climbed out of,
and talked about a place called Watch Hill.
He said if you've never been, you have to go!!
He talked about an amazing seaside community,
cute shops and fabulous eateries.

He was talking about this beautiful spot in
Rhode Island.

The brochure reads:
"Pack your sense of wonder...
The remarkable beauty of this historic landmark community
will rewaken your appreciation for life's simple and best pleasures.
One of Rhode Island's most select beach resorts,
Watch Hill embodies the best aspects of New England"!!

 And the shops, no words are still my heart,
this place is amazing.

 My favorite store, once you peak inside, you will not be wondering why.

The store windows are just as dreamy as the shops...

More on this magical seaside community tomorrow!


  1. Debbie, it is a cute town with wonderful shops. I love the views of the water and beach.. What did you buy in your favorite store.. Great photos, thanks for sharing.. Have a happy day!

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  3. Two Marylanders and a Jersey Girl go shopping....

  4. Oh wow this really looks like a truly amazing place!!

  5. I'm just amazed....I LOVE RI, but I have NEVER even heard of this town!! Can't wait to figure out a time to visit!

  6. I'm not a shopper-browser (but my wife would have loved that place), but I fell in love with that sky


  7. Love, love, love!

    Can't wait until tomorrow. :)


  8. the beach view with the clouds is awesome! love the last place, too. :)

  9. As often as we've visited New England, I've never heard of Watch Hill. What a charming place! So glad you discovered it -- and shared it with us!

  10. Oh what a great place to explore Debbie! That beach shot is fabulous btw!

  11. What a cute town and what a perfect place. I would love to go visit there. I am so glad you shared it today.

  12. I love your photos and I love this place. Thank you for sharing your trip Debbie and have a great week.

  13. What a lovely place to visit; you are truly blessed to see such a beautiful area. I know that those shops would be so fun to visit. Park City here in Utah has some fun small shops to visit that I love to go too but haven't been for a long time.
    I really think you could publish a travel book of your trips; the photos are always lovely.
    Blessings to you dear friend!

  14. What a treasure! I'm so glad you spoke with the man in the water. He sent you to a wonderful place! I do love the shop you went into, with all that gorgeous blue & white! It looks like a must-see stop for sure, with that light house and the history. Can't wait to see more.

  15. Pat's aunt & uncle who live in New London CT would take frequent boating trips to Watch Hill...when they had a boat

  16. What a lovely place to visit Debbie!!Wonderful views of the beach!Like those preety shops!!

  17. The beach looks lovely and what a nice town. There is a lot of nice things in the shop.

    Have a wonderful day!

  18. I've heard of Watch Hill, but never visited.
    It sure looks like a wonderful place to spend some time. Would love to investigate all of those little shops!

  19. That does look like your kind of place! :-) The views are just gorgeous!

  20. The air looks crystal clear--and the sky! You captured some beautiful shots.

    I would be headed straight for The Candy Box.

  21. Love it. My trunk would be so full of treasures!!!

  22. Lovely place, Debbie! Looks like a great place to visit.

  23. Nice place to spend a nice day :))

  24. Oh it does look like a fun place. I'd be popping into the store with the Christmas stuff in the window and the Candy store!