Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Healthy Obsession...

I'm not sure what I use to do...
I guess I spent more time in my gardens,
more time taking pictures of my feathered friends.
The birds have noticed I have been absent,
I am ignoring them just a little.

Because I am knitting, all the time.
 The purple hat I started on Saturday, came off my needles on Sunday night.
Do you think it's too much??

 I found this cute wooden box in Michaels, to hold all my knitting supplies...
I'm sure you realize how much I needed this!!
On sale in Michaels for $ 10.79, I had a coupon for 25% off,
including sale items.
Final cost $ 8.09, how could one pass that up?!
It is the perfect size (for now) and the front is a chalkboard.

 Do you realize that the word "Knit" can be spelled with one "t" or two.
I thought I was spelling it wrong, I was using one "t"...
The hubs googled it and it seems it can be spelled either way.
Who knew?!

Three hats are done, the purple one is for Addie.
I will not be modeling any of the hats as I am not a hat person.
I look ridiculous and it messes with my poof.
That's not to say I don't wear them, I do, just not for a picture.


  1. I love the hats and that little crate!

  2. Love knitting... it helps me to relax!


  3. Silly girl. There is no such thing as too much knitting!

  4. MarmePurl said it right:):)Addie is going to love that purple hat. You do nice work my friend and love the box. HUG B

  5. LOVE your knitting box. And the hats look really great too. I don't do hats either - just never have liked anything on my head - even in the winter. But anymore in winter weather, we're pretty much inside anyway.

  6. I think the purple hat is simply lovely! All of them are a work of art, Debbie :)

    And I just love that box! You are right, it's perfect for your supplies.

    Enjoy your day!

  7. I don't do hats for photos either...makes my face look fatter! I think I would like knitting, but I have several unfinished projects going on already. Nice photos, Debbie. Have a productive day ;)

  8. i don't wear hats. :) i use visors in the summer and ear muffs in winter (if it is cold enough). :)

    you are a mess. and had no idea on 'knitt'.

  9. Cute hats! And I love that box. Who knew that you could find that at Michaels? Anyway, I need to get back to knitting this winter. For me, it's always a wintertime project. I love knitting little sweaters until it comes to that little cuff. ACK! I hate double points! LOL

  10. I used to love wearing hats to church, but those days are long gone. :)

    Your hats are SO cute; you're really gettin' in the groove, Debbie.

  11. OK, you are now officially an addict -- in a good way, of course! I love your hats, and I'm sure the recipients will, too. That box is so nice, and just the right size. I'm glad you found that knitting can totally absorb you. I miss it.

  12. Love your hats! Beautiful work! The wool looks so soft. I have taken up knitting as well, 3 hats and one scarf done. I find my spare time is now knitting time! I don't wear hats ever, so I am giving all my hats away.

  13. I love those and they are so cute. I love that one you made for Addie.
    It just makes me so happy to see your obsession.
    I didn't know that about spelling knitting.
    I don't knit, but when I get my KnitPics catalog, I do sit and drool over every page. :)

  14. No need to wear hats here in Florida but I surely remember wearing them growing up in Boston.

    You do great work.

  15. You are so cute! I love that you have embraced your new obsession with vigor. I want to get back into embroidery and crochet, but I have so much quilting to do. Of course, I do sometimes embroider on my quilts. The one I am quilting now has embroidery as well as applique on it. And I started a center panel of heavily embroidered flowers for another quilt I want to make one of these days. It just takes me so long! I keep pinning crochet on my Pinterest board and longing to do this project or that. I have to just DO it! :-)

  16. I should also add, your hats are wonderful! For a newbie, you are doing great! Love the project box too!

  17. Debbie!
    It's nice that you meet your passions.
    Knitting look beautiful.

  18. They are very warm for winter Debbie. I use them.
    Thanks I'm better, the pain decreases.
    a kiss.

  19. I'll send the email you some pictures to take advantage of leftover wool :))

  20. hey, if it is something you enjoy doing - you take all the time you need to get away & enjoy doing that hobby. have a ball. hobbies make life go around. enjoy it!! ( :

  21. Cute hats and I love the box. No, I didn't know you could spell knit with two ts..that's a new one on me. I love hats, but mostly I wear ball caps to cover my face when I mow.

  22. I love hats since I was three.
    Your hats are beautiful. I wear hats. Mostly cap hats. I really don't have that young face for the pull overs you make. A younger generation. Will.

    I too love your box. Your very talented.

    Did you paint that mason jar for your flowers. Very pretty.

  23. There's nothing wrong with changing things up! As long as you're having fun, the rest doesn't matter.

  24. wow, you can finish a hat in one day.. You are amazing.. I like the purple one.. I was sure you were going to say the purple hat was yours.. Addie will love it! Have a great evening!

  25. You are going to be ready for the colder weather :). Cute find and I love the hats.

  26. I don't think you can knit too much--as long as you are enjoying it! You are doing fine work--you and Buttons inspired me to get started, remember!

    I don't think I look good in hats, either. But I don't have any pouf in my hair. :-)

    That is a neat box. And I didn't know that about knitt.

  27. Your going to need those hats, because those neglected birds might take to poopin' on your head. hehe. Love your knitting projects.

  28. Oh I am so proud of you!!!! I am so glad you are finding the joy of knitting!!!!!! It is every addictive and it a very healthy habit to have!

  29. Oh you are doing so good and the hats looks awesome. I am like you I don't do hats because of my hair.
    We just had a fun activity at church; it is called a service auction. Everyone comes up with a service that we will do for someone and then we bid on those with points earned from other service and things we have done through the year. I won a knitting class. Yeah, you are inspiring me.
    Blessings and hugs!

  30. I love knitting and i sure love your hats Debbie!I like your wooden box!Its so preey!!Have a happy week!

  31. Well, you can do nice things anyway. There you don't have any letters :)

    The first picture i beautiful.

  32. Hey Miz Purp.
    Can't-cha knit outside on your deck in nice weather amongst the birdies and the flowers? Very Well Done hats!
    I am in the midst of making 45 round tablecloths. Must be done by Saturday morning. I can now officially say that I know how to sew round tablecloths. Oh yeah.

  33. Sweet hats! I love a nice plain toque.