Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Five Dollar Chicken

The big box store in our town is Costco.
I think everyone has a Costco or a BJ's...
warehouse shopping, geared more for the homeowner.
We don't buy much at Costo,
it would take me 2 years to finish a jar of their mayonnaise.
I don't have the room for, or the desire for
22 boxes of pasta or a case of soup.
But we do love these...
their $ 5.00 dollar chickens!
Let me show you what you can make with one of these babies...
First up slow cooker chicken noodle soup.

Here's the ingredient line-up ~ plus one half of that beautiful rotisserie chicken. 

 Without much effort, it looks like this...
Here's how much chicken you get from one half of that rotisserie baby!!

 In the end, it looks like this...
this is "his"...


The recipe can be found here, in case anyone is interested. 
I know you are dying to know what I did with the second half...
Celery, slivered almonds, mayonnaise, sweet onion... 

and the other half of that chicken, see how pretty that looks!!

add a scoop or two of Hellman's...stir it up
and you've got some very yummy chicken salad.
You will have to use your imagination here...
I got so excited and I was so hungry, that can you believe
this is the last picture I took...shameful, I know!
So back to using your imagination...
yummy chicken salad on country white toast, with lettuce only!!
We each had two sandwiches.
Costco, I give their chickens two thumbs up!
They also have awesome fresh flowers!


  1. So funny! I just bought one. I love their chicken for the price. Great deal. I'll try your soup recipe.


  2. That just looks so yummy and such good food. My boys buy them and eat them in one sitting.
    There is nothing left. Your food photography is just as good as your birds. I haven't had breakfast yet and I had to stop myself from drooling on my keyboard.

  3. Chicken soup is always wonderful on a frosty winter day! Love your soup bowls!

  4. I like chicken, but husby doesn't . . .sigh.

  5. the nearest costco is an hour away from me, but i eat a ton of rot. chkn from our po-dunk grocery store or from walmart if i venture further out. hot from the store, chicken 'n rice, chicken pasta, chicken pizza, chicken salad, yadda, yadda.

  6. What is this "costco" you speak of? I have not one in my small town. :)

  7. I love chicken noodle soup. Now that I've seen this, I think I'll make some, maybe for Thursday. I usually use split chicken breasts in mine. We get the whole rotisserie chicken to eat as roast chicken. Our supermarket puts them on sale daily after 3:00. I agree about those wholesale places -- great for a family with kids, but not for empty nesters.

  8. Oh, I love rotisserie chicken! Our nearest Cosco is 90 miles away and our small town grocery does not do rotisserie chicken. When I get to a Walmart of a larger grocery store I pick one up. Your recipes look delicious. I'll have to try your recipes the next time I buy one. I make chicken chili out of the rotisserie chicken.

  9. Τhey look so yammy Debbie!!I like chicken soup in winter!Today,i had chicken and potatoes in the oven!Wish you a happy week!!

  10. That looks like a great chicken soup recipe. I am going to try that one of these days because there is nothing better on a cold winter day. Thanks! When I make chicken noodle soup or any soup that has pasta in it, I always cook the pasta separately and store it separately. I think the noodles get too mushy if you heat the soup up a few times.

  11. We had that same thing last week.

    In our Independent they sell it.

    Of course I remove the skin. (Blah,Blah) No choice.

    Oh that is mighty tender that chicken isn't it Debbie.

    I like what you did for the two suggested menu's. Yummier!

    I buy the gluten free mayo. I love better then what you have. Never though I would. Surprising what one has to adapt if it means your health.

    I said to hubby.

    I think getting one of those chickens once a month is ideal as one can do so much. Plus it is always moist. That is a excellent. Price.

    I slice leftovers in freezer bag. Like three pieces to a bag.

    So if I want some.

    I have it all ready.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. We got a brand new Costco here last year. I love going there!! Great idea for using the chicken. I usually just eat it and it lasts me for a few days!..thanks for some new ways to fix it.

  13. You are making me hungry. I buy the Costco chicken too. You can't beat the price and it's ready to go. Easy dinner.

    xo Danielle

  14. I get those at Costco too, but never thought of doing something like this. It looks wonderful!

  15. Mmmm so yummy!
    We have a BJs and a Costco but like you, I just don't need cases/gallons of things.

  16. Rich, rich, rich ... My favorite dish, Debbie;)
    Good Tuesdays.
    a kiss.

  17. The chicken soup looks perfect for a chilly day, or any day for that matter.

  18. Wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing :-)
    Blessings :-)

  19. We had rotisserie chicken last night for dinner! Although I didn't repurpose it, I have before, and it makes a wonderful addition to soups and casseroles. Your recipe looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  20. wow, that looks delicious. it is so chilly. are you having snow? we are suppose to get some tomorrow. we will see. enjoy that soup. i think i need some for my dinner. ( :

  21. Oh, that looks sooooo delicious! I'd just leave the almonds out of the chicken salad since I'm allergic. :-)

    We don't have a Costco nearby, but sometimes we get those chickens at Walmart and they are good. I never thought about using them to make other things. I have so little imagination when it comes to cooking.

  22. Oh that looks DELISH!!!'

    We drive 3 hours for our costco in Billings; two coolers, once a month :)

    Kirkland brand brie imported cheese is wonderful, the sweet hot pepper jelly in the freezer section is worth it - those are my two favorites that i get each time!

  23. No Costco around here for me.....*sigh*. A Sam's Club about an hour away.

  24. I have used them to make soup and salad, too... and chicken alfredo. Our Kroger grocery store sells them...they are great!

  25. I Love 'tissy chickens. We love ours sliced on buns with a side of potato salad. Glad you picked up some flowers too, does the soul good!!!!

  26. I love Costco's chicken as well.

  27. Oh these look so good. I too am a fan of CostCo Chickens, and I'm going to get one the next time I go.

  28. We were members for a year, but not now because there's so little that I want. I've heard good things abut their meat.

  29. Oh, I love rotisserie chicken! We don't have a Costco's, so I buy mine at WalMart. They are good! I've also made soup with the leftover chicken, yummy! Your soup bowls are pretty!

  30. I love most rotisserie chickens, the local grocery store does there own here. Your soup and chicken salad look YUMMY! Have a happy day!

  31. This is so coincidental. I was talking to my friend at work today and she was telling how much I was missing out on in life having never been to Costco. She couldn't believe I'd never been. I once was bought macaroons from Costco and they were amazing.

  32. Oh when I do go to the city I do go to Costco and pick up those little chickens I say little because in that gigantic store they look little:) I love ripping off the nice hot leg and eating it in the car on those days it takes me forever to get back home to make that same soup you do. Two thumbs up pass and a napkin :) Hug xoB

  33. Your very colorful bowls add to the yumminess of the look of this great chicken stew!

  34. We also get several meals out of our grocery store's rotisserie chicken and one includes chicken soup too!

  35. Your soup looks great. I love chicken noodle soup in the wintertime! I live in Texas and there are no Costco stores here. Only Sam's Club. I lived in Arizona for 40 years before returning to Texas to care for my elderly mother and I do miss Costco!

  36. We buy chickens from Costco all the time, I think they're super good quality - way better than Boston Market and so much less expensive! I also really like their raw organic chickens. They come in a package of 2 so I freeze one so we can have it in a few weeks. I actually made one this weekend, then used the leftovers for a noodle, chicken and broccoli casserole. And their flowers are the absolute best!