Monday, July 22, 2013

Roll Out The Ribbons

Last night we visited Long Branch, here at the Jersey Shore,
where the beaches are spectacular. 
Pictured here is The Promenade of Hope.
A half mile stretch of railing along the boardwalk in Long Branch. 
The multicolored ribbons,
displaying a special hand written message,
are a beautiful way to honor all of those who have been touched by cancer. 
Roll Out The Ribbons is a Cancer Awareness campaign
sponsored by Monmouth Medical Center.
You can read all about the amazing work they are doing here!
Last night was movie night, by the beach.
The heat wave has lifted some and we were able to attend.
Can you see me there in my purple chair, with my purple shirt?
We watched The Sandlot...
The movie was so good and so funny,
I had not seen it in years.
Do you see the boy sitting in front of me, blue chair, orange shirt?
He was a riot and so scared of the beast that lived
on the other side of the sandlot.
His facial expressions and antics were almost better then the movie!
The hubs went also, of course, he's such a sport.
We had a great night under the stars!!
Did any of you do something special and fun this weekend??
I am hoping we can get out a little more,
now that the temperatures are a little cooler.
I don't know why all the good stuff is scheduled for summer.
What about Spring and Fall,
when you can "play" outside and not melt!!


  1. glad your heat wave finally broke. i can't imagine sitting outside to watch a movie - would be eaten alive by skeeters, here. :)

  2. It looks like a night of fun. So glad it has cooled off for you some.
    Right now, I am still living close to the air conditioner. :)

  3. I'm glad it has cooled down some. Love your purple chair!

    That's an awesome promenade, and for such a good cause!

    I spent some time out in the heat yesterday chasing birds for photos. I got a few good photos, but mostly I just got sweaty and bug bitten! But Larry and I just laughed about my antics in chasing the birdies. :-)

  4. Oh what fun. We are going to try to do the movie on the beach in Spring Lake on Wednesday night. Also we are going to try out the balloon festival on Friday for the AM launch!

  5. Hi Debbie Marvelous beach shot and that was a great idea about the ribbons. You both sure had a 'fun'time at the movies. Margaret

  6. What a fun weekend, Debbie!
    The promenade is such a wonderful tribute.

    P.S. I saw you right away in your purple chair!!! :-)

  7. sounds like tons of fun!! what a great time. love your chair. ( :

  8. It must be really fun to sit outside..I love you chair=)

  9. I probably spent all of one hour today in the heat doing what I had to do -- 90s and 95% humidity is no fun. It's supposed to cool down some tomorrow.

    Looks like fun -- but you and Chuck know how to have fun. :)

  10. Looks like a great time! Our heat wave broke too but lots of mosquitos here!

  11. I thought I left a post, not sure what happened. What a fun movie night. I am so glad the heat wave has moved on. It is neat seeing the ribbons at the beach and for such a great charity. I picked you right out of the movie crowd, Debbie. Seeing the purple chair and top helped. Have a great evening.

  12. Yes our heat wave broke too skeeters everywhere. Love the beach shot 12 days and I will be in my Happy Place Happy Happy Happy

  13. Looks like fun! Glad you got to do something outside!

  14. Oh it all looks so wonderful! Wish I could walk on the beach.

  15. Looks like fun! I'm glad you're having cooler temps. It's still too hot here to be outside for long.

  16. That looks like a lot of fun! Your beaches are beautiful! This heat makes me wish we had coastline.

    Back from vacation so I'll be visiting again normally.

  17. We were at 7 Presidents on Saturday for a friends birthday party and I could not have been happier! The lovely ocean breeze gave us a brief break from the torrential heat! I didn't know they had movies nights there, will def have to check it out!

  18. Hi Debbie... I agree with that, but they never would listen to my opinion!! ; )
    Looks like great fun, and yes much cooler!!

  19. It's a hard time when the heat is to much. Thank God the weather has been better for you, Debbie.
    Nice with the Tv outside. Jepp, I see you :)

  20. What a very fun activity. I think it is awesome to be able to see a movie outdoors. We still have a movie drive-in here that we go to at least once during the summer.
    The pictures are always awesome.