Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sunday ~ Funday

I know it's Tuesday, but I be "pooped"!!
We had such a fun time Sunday with Mike and Alisa,
they are just too darn cute together.
How cute you ask...
they are like married peeps!
After 6 attempts, we were able to get one good group shot!
Talk about fun...
The Hubs sets up the camera and timer,
then runs through the water to join the group.
You probably had to be there, to see his "antic's"
but all these great, natural smiles are thanks to him!
I just adore these two kids!!
There I am, I am not shy about hogging the "good" raft.
We ate inside because it was too hot outside.
I have purple hydrangeas that are suppose to be in a vase,
in the center of the table.
You might have to close your eyes to see it.
I made awesome appetizers, but forgot to take a picture...what!
We dined on fresh Sweet Jersey Corn
Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs, these were amazing.
I made pasta salad with fresh dill, red onion, scallions
and orange, yellow and red peppers.
Alisa made a yummy bean salad, next to the kabobs.
I made cupcakes for desert,
which we ate on these super cute little cupcake plates.
Alisa made delicious chocolate chip cookies!
Two of my favorite people, Alisa & Mike,
I sure do love great food shared with my wonderful family.
But at times like this, I miss Scott, Katie and Abby!!
July 7, 2013


  1. Looks like a great time! I wouldn't be shy about that dinner, either!

  2. Oh it looks like everyone was having a grand time...the food yummy. Rest up....spend more time floating. Enjoy!

  3. Okay, so I need a pool stat! You look so happy -- everyone does. :)

  4. Jersey corn. All that. All those pictures and all that happiness - and all I want is some sweet jersey corn. wah!!

  5. It all looks wonderful. The food looks so delicious!

  6. It looks like a great time with great people and great food. A wonderful weekend I would say.

  7. They remind me of another loving, fun couple I know. You may know them...Debbie and Chuck?

    You table is so pretty Debbie and the food looks great!

    By the way...are you looking to adopt anyone?

  8. I want that pool! Looks like a fun time, and the food..ymmuy!

  9. I like Jill's comments! My thoughts exactly!

  10. What great pictures and such a wonderful time!!

  11. Looks like a super fun day! Good food, floating and family...can't get any better than that!

    Have a nice day and get rested up!

  12. Oh, you all look so happy! What a great time! That pool looks gorgeous and so refreshing. Love the purple raft. :-) And that food--I am so hungry right now.

    If you adopt Jill, you have to adopt me, too! :-)

  13. My goodness, what a wonderful time, Debbie, and the food looks so yummy!!

  14. Debbie, I love your cute group photos! Looks like a fun day in the pool and the food looks yummy! Have a happy day!

  15. It sounds and looks like you all had a fab day!!!
    Mike and Alisa make do make a lovely couple. Isn't Alisa a lovely name?
    Great pics of you all and what a great pool you have :))

  16. kabobs and corn look delicious! like all the smiles, too. :)

  17. Well I do agree Alisa & Mike are a very cute looking couple and I can see how you spoiled them lucky kids:) Everything looks wonderful and I only have one question what time can I drop in:) I am hungry?
    I have one daughter coming home this weekend and I too think about the one that could not, it must be a Mom thing:) Hug B

  18. I am going to borrow the chicken kabob idea.
    Food and Family...the Perfect combination.

  19. What a great time Debbie...Lovely....

  20. Cup cake plates - love love! This looks like such a fun time!

  21. Looks like a lot of fun! Love the desert plates too cute.

  22. So glad you had such wonderful family time. Your dinner looks perfect; to finish off a perfect day!!!

  23. A lovely post, Debbie! I can see how much you love your sons...
    I love the view from your pool, of the Manasquan River. I waterskied there many of times!
    The Jersey corn looked delicious. The cupcakes too... Everything looked good!
    I'll be in NJ next July and I'd really like to come and visit you :)

  24. Looks like you guys had a great meal and lovely weekend, spending time with family is always the best!

  25. Why is the Jersey shore so far from Washington State? - Seriously you guys look like such fun people it would be a blast to be able to spend time with you if we lived closer. Oh and that food, Yummo!!

  26. maggie...it's a date, for sure!!

  27. What fun photos of you all. All the happy smiles are contagious. Sumptuous feast too.

  28. I am so happy that you had an awesome moments with your family.
    I wish we had a pool again it looked so fun. You all have great smiles.
    The food looked yummy too.