Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Connecticut Christmas Trees

I thought perhaps you might enjoy actually looking at
the Christmas Trees we saw in Connecticut.

A closer look = without us blocking them!
Five in all, they were just beautiful!
This tree was in the hotel lobby.
The rest of these trees,
were just sprinkled randomly around the hotel and casino.
This one was my favorite!

This was the main Christmas Tree,
they were going to light it today.
Since we are home, we missed it! 
The trees were heavily decorated with gorgeous ornaments,
 I did not remove any, but I wanted to (smile)!
I'm honest right, how many of you would admit that??

Pretty waterfalls,

handsome cardinals,
live poinsettias and snow!
 All the decorations were so pretty and we had a wonderful time!



  1. i'm just not ready for christmas, yet.

    glad you are back home again.

  2. Those trees are elaborate.They o look beautiful.

  3. Ohing and ahing, they are lovely! I would have grabbed an ornament and run!!!!

  4. Everything is beautiful. Especially the photos in the previous post with the three of you.

  5. love the waterfall. that's a great place. so lovely!! ( :

  6. Very pretty! I traveled this weekend, and all the hotels had their trees up.

  7. Oh, I'm not ready for Christmas decorations and trees just yet. It's just too early for me. But they are lovely....especially when I'm not the one who had to put them up!

  8. They're beautiful! Our tree went up today and the house looks a bit like the Griswolds! LOL

  9. Hi Debbie, Those trees are beautiful. Glad to see you made it through the storm ok.

  10. They're gorgeous! And I saw a few ornaments I would have been tempted to take also (but never would) :) This post actually put me in the Christmas spirit..

  11. Wow, the Christmas trees and the ornaments are pretty. I can not believe it is almost December and Christmas is just around the corner. Looks like a beautiful hotel and place to stay. Lovley photos, Debbie!

  12. It's so enjoyable to view the different types of Christmas tree decorating possibilities.


  13. Lovely trees. I love how beautiful and uniform each one is. I think it is cute you were honest and told on yourself. :)
    I am so glad you had fun.

  14. Oh Debbie these trees are indeed beautiful!! It must have taken ages to decorate them - but what a great job to have :))

  15. So many great trees. I'm sure they were a sight to see. Great catches.

  16. Gorgeous each and everyone! love the close up!

  17. Gorgeous! That cardinal ornament steals my heart!

  18. We used an eye dropper to place our paint where we wanted but you can just drop it with your paintbrush or even a spoon. directory