Thursday, November 8, 2012

Here in These Parts...

when people call you on the phone, they don't say "hello"...
they ask cautiously "do you have power"?
The rest of the conversation goes accordingly,
depending on how they answered that one question. 
Last night, as I am sure you already know, it snowed..a lot!
It's a heavy wet snow.
Here's our back deck, I think we got about 6 inches.
I would go out and measure, but it's too deep for flip flops.
The hubs, who is the official "measurer" is not here.
He's out cleaning up the snow for our tenants.
I usually love when it looks so pretty.
But we really didn't "need" snow.
New Jersey is really struggling right now,
perhaps maybe next winter would have been better.
This is a close up picture of one of the trees in my backyard.
We haven't really experienced fall yet, most of the leaves are still green,
just starting to turn yellow.
I filled the bird feeders and put some peanuts out for the Blue Jays.
I am able to do that from inside the house.
The birds really appreciate it!
I still have power and I can't wait for lunch.
I have a roasted chicken and plan on making "holiday sandwiches"
 with chicken and stuffing.
I love you New Jersey but your not making it easy! 


  1. Beautiful snow but for sure unexpectedly as you say.

    Your lunch sounds yummie.


    Yes, I feel so sad for the other people who got hammered and have to deal with this now snow stoem. On t.v did you see a sign that said. Close do to snow storms. In new Jersy.

    Yet the people on the streets are in devastation.
    Really. How Pathetic is that.

  2. Welcome Debbie!
    Oh, I see that winter has arrived already.
    Winter lovely pictures.
    I send greetings.

  3. I was sorry to see this snow coming on top of all the other problems in New Jersey. We got about six inches here in central Massachusetts, too, but it should go away in the next day or two. Hoping yours does too. Just seems too early for it.

  4. We don't even have snow here in my part of the Great White North.

  5. oh, sweetie pie. thanks for sharing the beauty with us, even if it is unkind beauty right now.

  6. Oh I am thinking of you HUGS hold tight you are doing great. I cannot imagine all this sadness and all this beauty at the same time. I am so thinking of all of you out there. B

  7. YiKeS! I'm terribly sorry for what you guys are having to deal with... I can't imagine! We had an ice storm here a few years ago & a lot of people didn't have electric for several weeks, but there was no hurricane that blew thru 1st... Well, I'm praying for you all! God bless =)

  8. You certainly have had your share.
    I am glad you have power, and I hope the weather clears for you soon.

  9. Well, I am certainly glad you have power with all that snow. I know you don't need this extra burden right now but it sure is beautiful!!

  10. You sure did get some pretty photos! And, while we've had fall, there are still leaves (from green to red to yellow to brown) hanging on the trees that got some snow. All rain today - so the 'pretty' has been washed away. And we're just wet and cold!

  11. Well it is pretty snow, but I like it better when the trees are bare and it looks like winter. it seems right now that you are having a war of seasons. You have had so much in the last few weeks. I hope the rest of the winter is quiet and dry and uneventville is that a word? I think your lunch sounds wonderful. It sounds like a celebration.
    I am so glad you have power.

  12. Well it is pretty.... but I'm sure you didn't need it this year!

  13. As long as the power stays on,you can look at the beauty this creates. Call me a Pollyanna,but I try real hard to find beauty in each situation. I do hope you all stay safe.

  14. The snow is so pretty, but you didn't need that now. I hope you continue to have electricity. I'm still thinking and praying for all of you in New Jersey.

  15. The snow is pretty but is an added burden for you all now.

    My prayers for you all.

  16. It's strange to see the leaves are not gone yet and there is snow on it.
    I love snow too Debbie but I think you were not waiting for this kind of weather at this time.
    Have a wonderful day and keep yourself warm.

  17. There was just a utility Cree at my house. They were from Colorado. They said we got snow before they did.

  18. Beautiful snow shots! It's always fun to see other people's snow since I see it so rarely.

  19. Oh Debbie please stay safe. I am the first one always wishing for the cold and the snow, but I agree NJ didn't need this right now. Stay warm. Bonnie

  20. a friend of mine says that whatever we did to nature we better apologize right away!

    I'm glad you're all OK and your home and your trees are still there

    we were very lucky too

  21. Oh my goodness you didn't need all that snow at the moment. I do wonder what is happening with the weather these days.
    That is a lot of snow, it's very pretty but I hope it doesn't last long for you.
    Keep warm!!

  22. Wow, you guys got more snow than we did. We got about three inches.

    My birdies are loving all the perching they can do on all the branches on my patio.

  23. Wow, you did get a lot of snow. It seem to miss us. The poor birds are probably wondering what is happening. It does look pretty! Glad you power stayed on. I do hope the weather gets better for NJ. Take care and have a great evening.

  24. Ugh. THose poor people who still don't have heat or electricity!! Can they take any more?? I doubt it. :(

  25. I have been closely following all my friends as well as the general area, waiting and praying for when people can respond to there phone calls with "power up!!!" - and now to have such snow?! Unbelieveable!!! Still, I will say THIS: you, and ur lunch, sound so wonderful, I wish I was there <3

  26. So much beauty at such an inopportune time. Glad you have power.

  27. Glad you are doing well. Still, it must be discouraging. I hope the weather gets milder!