Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Rural Thursday...

Let's hit the kitchen...let's get baking!!
Today we are making the hubs favorite cookie,
 Here's the cast of characters.
Only four ingredients in the dough, butter, flour,
sugar and almond extract.
turns in to this, 1 inch balls of dough.
I use the back handle of a wooden spoon,
to poke "holes" in the dough, they hold the jelly!
I make all the dents "thumbprints" first,
then I use a baby spoon to fill the holes with seedless jelly.
Any flavor will do, but we love raspberry!
Here they are after about 12 minutes of baking.

Now they are waiting to be iced...
but wait there are three cookies missing...
the cookie monster has been busy, his name is Chuck.
He is better known as the hubs!!
The recipe is here.

It's Rural Thurdsay, what fun things have you guys been up to??

Share them today with Nancy at A Rural Journal
Lisa at Two Bears Farm  


  1. mmums.. I can taste a little cake?=0)

  2. Look good, I can almost smell them!

  3. Your cookies look perfect! How do you get them so uniform looking?!

  4. nope. not gonna convince me to bake. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing. Oh, I will have them on my do's list. Looks so Yummy. I love shortbread cookies.
    Hubby looked at your blog here and said Yummy.
    What do you use to get them so perfectly round the dough all of them on your cake pan? So spaced
    that they dont rise and go into each other.

    I made cookies yesterday and booo, hooo. Mine went into each other as I wanted to have big cookies.

    I see how you had done the jam.

    I guess when it says Shortning for cookes. You do not substitued right? I did not have in the house the shortning for my oatmeal cookies so I used Oliva Oil liquid.

    My cookies were crips lovely but the taste was horrid after taste.
    I wondered if the Extr Virgin Oliva Oil made them so awful.
    Would of been perfect for Witch Hazel.Halloween alright.

    yuks. I had to chuck them.

  6. Mmaaamm!
    Debbie, but it must be delicious!
    It looks great.

  7. they look just delicious. i've always wonder how you get the job of a taste tester? i would be so good at that job. fun!! (:

  8. These look delicious. I am saving the recipe. THANKS!!

  9. Oh this sounds easy and looks delicious I am in and I have a Chuck here to I would probably have the same problem. B

  10. I have such a sweet tooth...oh I would love to taste these!!! Vistiing from rural journal.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  11. Eu adoro essas bolachinhas!! Ótimas e lindas! beijos,chica

  12. Had I been anywhere near,there would have been more cookies missing. Wait,did I just say that? You bet i Did.I LOVE cookies,I might even have tasted some of the raw dough. They look delicious.

  13. Awesome! How do you get them to look so perfect?? If I had made them, they would be all lumpy and lopsided. Of course, hitting the floor would do that to them. ;-)

  14. °º✿♫ Hummmmmmmm! Que fotos deliciosas!
    º° ✿♥ ♫° ·.

  15. Your cookies are beautiful! Funny, I have a cookie monster at my house too! ;-)

  16. I'm impressed, for someone who stays clear of the kitchen, the cookies and presentation look fantastic. Have the coffee ready, I'll be over for some cookies in the morning!

  17. Debbie, your cookies look yummy, thanks for sharing the recipe. I am sure your hubs loves that you made him his favorite cookies. Have a wonderful weekend. And watchout for that hurricane Sandy!

  18. Debbie! Are you turning into a Suzie Homemaker? These look wonderful.

  19. Mmmm Debbie these look so tasty - no wonder Chuck tested a few of them, I can't say that I blame him :))