Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Driving & Detours...

We mostly drive with a destination in mind,
but we both love a good detour, or even getting lost.
We were driving to Octoberfest in Smithville on Saturday,
when I spotted a sign for a Roadside Market...
very nice, I love a good Roadside Market.
Under that sign there was a banner that read:
Alpaca's at the farm Saturday October 6, 2012, 12 - 4 pm.
REALLY, today is October 6th and it is 12:30 p.m.
And without even a word, our car was traveling in the other direction
and we headed quickly down that dirt "path".
I was more excited about the Alpaca's then I was about Octoberfest,
true story!!
She was my favorite, and I cannot remember her name.
This is Connor.
 Both were very sweet but a tad shy.
Funny story about the food.
The owner handed me some food and asked me to hand it to the little boy who was standing next to me. I kept half for myself and passed the other half to the boy.
I am slightly embarrassed by that but only slightly!
I could own one you know. 

The hubs keeps asking me,
"Are you sure you don't want me to buy that 10 acre piece of property
that we have been looking at.
I will buy you your very own Alpaca".
Another sweet dream...he would you know!!


  1. Those Alpaca's always make me smile!! Go for it...the 10 acres!!??? Well maybe not... I've sorta been there:)

  2. The Alpaca's are so cute. I love her too. She is adorable. Love all the hair. OMG buy the lot. That would be so cool and have your own animals. You wouldn't have to drive around for animals anymore.
    TFS. Ana

  3. My bosses kids are Connor and Mirabela. So, let's name the girl Mirabela! And, I think if you had ten acres there might be fewer drives, detours and discoveries...cause you'd have so much at home! So, it'd be a trade off! Sounds pretty good to me either way. And these two are very white and very pretty!!

  4. The Alpaca's are so sweet looking, as if they are smiling.

    I would have kept some of the feed too. ;-)

  5. Oh yes indeed this would make me want to move to ten acres and have one Alpaca. They are so cute.
    Now that I think of it want to buy a 200 acre farm just think of all those cute little Alpaca's:) B

  6. well, you could own the 10 acres for a while until andee and her hubby buy it from you. :)

    you made me laugh about the alpaca food!

  7. Sweet faces! I say...go for the it!!! The land that is.

  8. It sounds to me like you need your own zoo.

  9. Oh they have the loveliest faces don't they? I can totally understand your dream of having 10 acres and some of the these lovely alpacas. :)

  10. The one was wearing purple just for you!

  11. Welcome Debbie!
    Alpacas are lovely.
    They look like a great mascot.
    Wonderful photos!

  12. They are really cute! Funny about the food!

  13. Those are the most precious animals. I think you should get some!

  14. That would be so hard to pass up. Those are wonderful shots. I would have one too if I could, though I do think after this summer it would be just too hot. It is a very nice dream though. I did have to laugh about you keeping some of the food. :) I bet if you had asked he would have given you some more. You are so cute, you crack me up.

  15. Debbie, they are so cute! I just love these cute alpacas. LOL, it was nice of you to share the alpaca food with the child. I have to say your hubby is just the best. Maybe you should offer to work on the alpaca farm first and then see how much you would like to have some of your own cute alpacas.

  16. The one is wearing a purple harness just for you.

  17. And that sweet thing is even wearing purple,just for you. They do have adorable faces.

  18. Oh, they look so adorable and cuddly!
    Debbie, you have such a sweet hubby and the food story is to cute, LOL, I probably would have done the same!

  19. There is no doubt he would! :-)
    They are so adorable Debbie, and I'm so glad you were able to photograph them.

  20. Debbie, I am jealous because these alpacas looked even cuter than the ones we recently visited at a VA alpaca farm here on the eastern shore. let us know if and when you get that acreage with an alpaca or two...

  21. They are so cute. I love how they look like they are smiling. I don't blame you for wanting 10 acres and a couple of Alpacas.
    I would have kept part of the food too.

  22. Really fantastic! Here we do not have those. so I'm excited to see them.Thank You! God bless you! BShell

  23. How lovely they are. Perhaps someday you will be the owner to a new animal at home ... ;)

    Indeed, a really nice coat and they are white also.

  24. They are SO sweet. What a coincidence: when my niece and her son, Connor, visited a couple of years ago, we accidentally discovered an alpaca farm a few miles from us. He would be delighted to know that an alpaca shares his name!
    You should let hubbs by you that farm.... You'd have unlimited blog material!

  25. They look so nice and fluffy and cute!

  26. Be careful what you wish for!! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Did you ever get to Octoberfest?

  27. I can just imagine all the wonderful photos from your own 10-Acre woods!(My excitement probably won't figure strongly into the plus and minus column when you consider buying it ;>)

    The Alpacas are all adorable. And we love taking detours. (That was one problem when we traveled pulling the 5th-wheel; detours really aren't an option!)

  28. Such lovely animals, thanks for sharing.

  29. They are both adorable!! I wonder why the difference in the haircuts...
    She has the most beautiful eyes!!

  30. what a lovely time that must have been...and what a thoughtful husband! good for you!!

  31. Oh my gosh! Debbie..these are just darling. They look so soft and lovable!

  32. How cute! I think you should have at least one.


  33. Wonderful shots, Debbie! Maybe you should get the 10 acres and your own alpaca!

  34. Wow are these darling. Look like

    soft and fuzzy and cuddly.

    Beautiful shots. Amazing how one can turn another direction but it was meant to be in your case.

    Your detour did you okay. I got you from another site and I love purple as well. Please have a look at my Fall pictures. I am a Canadian and our leaves have been picture pretty the trees now. Soon will blow away. It is windy out and we had some snow but not to stay but a sigh of winter is soon.