Friday, December 30, 2022

Planting Our Spring Bulbs/Flowers

 Before we get to the outdoor planting, let's talk about planting the Paperwhites, indoors.
I picked up some bulbs at Barlow Flower Farm, my go to spot...
and decided I would do a post here about planting them.
That went out the window after two pictures, I am always off to a grand start,
but get caught up in the moment, and forget what I am doing.

I have this pot that I use every year for my paperwhites.
If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you have seen it.

I wash the rocks...

the bulbs come out of the bag and that's when it all falls to pieces.
There are no more pictures.
Picture them placed between the rocks, (you do not need potting soil), 
point side up,
filled with water to the bottom of the bulb.

Fast forward only 2 weeks and look at them now...

On to the hubs, and the outdoor planting of the spring bulbs,
tulips and daffodils! 

He uses a drill with a mini auger to make the holes...

it makes fast work of it.

He planted about 320 bulbs, a bit less than usual.

This garden, around the mailbox, is fully planted with tulips and 
it is always gorgeous.
Those that walk our street always enjoy it and if we are outdoors, 
always comment about how pretty it is.


Rian said...

Love your posts! I can't imagine planting anything right now... but glad to see that someone knows what they're doing. And your paperwhites are beautiful!

Lowcarb team member said...

320 bulbs sounds a good number to me, it will all look very pretty and colourful.

Taking the opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year.

All the best Jan

DrumMajor said...

Paperwhites are beautiful, but the scent is so strong, I can't keep them inside. I am totally jealous of hubby's planting auger. Where did he get it? And it makes such lovely holes without dirt moving to the side. I think some squirrels have stolen some of my bulbs, even with 1/2" hardware cloth over my patch, or some parts of the garden make the bulbs rot. I even got the soil tested and it's just weird. At another place, I planted 100+ in a square elevated planter box and they lasted over 11+ years. Looking forward to your showy flowers out of the perfect holes! Linda in Kansas

Conniecrafter said...

Your paper whites are gorgeous, I keep thinking I may do that some year and keep forgetting. 320, that is a lot of bulbs, always nice to have them to look forward to in the spring!

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

We have bulbs in a bag that someone gave us several years ago. Irises I think. I wonder if they would still grow.

eileeninmd said...

I love the paperwhites, they are so pretty. They seem very easy to plant and grow. Kudos to your hubby, my knees would be hurting. Your place will look beautiful in the spring. Take care, have a happy weekend. I wish you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Brian King said...

Your rocks are as nice as the blooms! I'll have to remember Chuck's drill and auger idea come spring! That might be the ticket for planting our in-ground garden.

Changes in the wind said...

Well the pictures are wonderful but oh how I wish you could include smell of the paperwhites!

Sally said...

The paperwhite's are gorgeous. Y'all always have the most beautiful place with your flowers. :)

LeAnn said...

Thank you for showing the photos and how to plant Paperwhites. Wow, the pictures of them are spectacular. I would love to try this one.
Blessings and hugs!