Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Yarn Along

- I have a lot to talk about this week -
I started to organize my hand knits and box them up nicely for Christmas...
most everything I knit is for gifting!

I have 4 Honey Cowls finished, washed and blocked...

1 ~ 400 Yard Scarf washed and block... 

and the Guernsey Wrap I just recently finished.

I found these great red boxes at Christmas Tree Store.
They are the perfect size for my items and they may not need wrapping paper,
I may just ribbon and embellish them...
But there is something to be said for ripping through that pretty paper on Christmas morning, right?!

I finished the Donnie hat I started last week and decided to put a tassel on it.

I attached it by tying a bow inside, so it can easily be removed and the hat can be worn without it!

I am joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along 


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  2. You're an artist, Debbie. You are already a teacher with the point.

  3. your stack of knitting is beautiful.

  4. You are amazing, Debbie! Anyone that receives your handmade items must surely feel spoiled and blessed. You do such beautiful work!

    Hugs to you!

  5. Looks so beautiful... I remember when you first started are a pro!!!

  6. Beautiful work--yes--there is something cool about ripping the paper off gifts. :-)

  7. I love seeing your work, Debbie. It's all so lovely, and I know you put love in every stitch for the gifts you give.

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  9. I will start again, I do like hand knits they make wonderful gifts.

  10. Just tape them real good!! My kids hate that their grandmother's use so much tape and they can't immediately access their gifts. LOL!

    1. hehehe, yes, that is torture. my husband does that, so i can'r peak!!!!

  11. Oh goodness gracious - you've made gifts (beautiful ones at that), got boxes and I haven't even thought about Christmas gifts, yet. Hey - I know - I can make soap :-)

  12. You do such amazing work! I am in awe! You photograph AND you knit!!! Wow!

  13. Wonderful, and these are the best gifts ever!

  14. Such lovely gifts - and I like those red boxes.

    All the best Jan

  15. They all look great and nice boxes to put them in, I can see some of your lovely bird pictures cut out in tag shapes with the two and from on the back would dress them up nicely :)

  16. Oh, I loved the photos of your creative work. You are so good at knitting these lovely gifts. I love the cute hat and it's tassel. The boxes are perfect for these treasures. I know that all that receive them will be thrilled. There's nothing better than a handmade gift. You are awesom! Big hugs~