Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Bucket List...

I thought this "Bucket List" was kinda' cool. 
It's not really a bucket list but that's what they called it on Facebook. 
It's more of a "I've Done That List" but I did enjoy it!!

Fired a Gun
Been Married  X
Fallen in Love  X
Swam in the Ocean  X
Gone on a Blind Date  X
Skipped School  X
Watched Someone Give Birth  X
Been to Canada  X
Been to Hawaii
Been to Europe
Been to Las Vegas
Been to Washington D.C.  X
Been to Nashville
Visited Florida  X
Visited Mexico  X
Seen the Grand Canyon in Person  X
Been on a Cruise
Served on a Jury
Been in a Movie
Been to Los Angeles
Been to New York City  X
Played in a Band 
Sang Karaoke 
Made Prank Phone Calls  X
Laughed so Much You Cried  X
Caught a Snowflake on your Tongue  X
Had Children  X
Had a Pet  X
Been Sledding on Big Hill  X
Been Downhill Skiing
Been Snowboarding
Been Water Skiing  X
Rode on a Motorcycle  X
Jumped out of a Plane
Been to a Drive-in Movie  X
Rode an Elephant  X
Been on TV
Been in the Newspaper  X
Stayed in the Hospital  X
Donated Blood  X
Gotten a Piercing  X
Gotten a Tattoo  X
Driven a Stick Shift Vehicle  X
Been Scuba Diving
Lived on your Own  X
Got a Speeding Ticket  X

Some of these really made me laugh. 
 Are there people living who have not skipped school, 
gotten a speeding ticket and made prank calls...
back when there was no Caller I.D.

I grew up going to Drive-In Movies, Swimming in the Ocean and Skipping School.
And I have laughed so hard that liquids came out of my nose, hasn't everyone?

Now if you follow my blog you know I make a Bucket List for every season...

Here's my Bucket List for Summer
We haven't crossed anything off yet, so we better get busy!!


  1. Awesome! Are you going to try to check them all, or are at peace with leaving the unchecked ones alone? Xoxo Andrea @ This Knitted Life

  2. That's quite a list, mine is pretty simple...survive the heat and humidity!

  3. I hope you never visit a mysstic Debbiw.

  4. Wow, there are 25 things on your list ...

    Just enjoy the summer ...

    All the best Jan

  5. Hello, Debbie, I like the bucket list and your summer list. Summer is just beginning, you have plenty of time. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  6. Knowing you "guys," you'll have everything crossed off in no time.
    Sure looks like a whole lotta fun to me, Debbie, and I hope you'll take us along with you. :-)

  7. Some of those are rather funny! I can't believe the recent work in the backyard wasn't on your summer list! :-)

  8. get crackin'

    gettin' too hot do do anything down these parts. Time to sit under the AC

  9. You have a busy summer coming up!

  10. I enjoyed this. Your summer list is an awesome idea. I think I'll make one.

  11. kayaking would be fun, i'd think.

  12. I like that list of "done that"; some made me smile.

  13. Yes, I skipped school one day and felt so guilty about it, I told my dad. Not Mom, oh heck NO!

    I hope you get to do every single thing on your bucket list! :)


  14. Debbie that was fun. I've done several of them but I will say I am one of those who never skipped school, and I've never had any kind of traffic ticket either (knock on wood).

  15. Lindo, gostei.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

  16. There are only a couple of things on that first list that I've never done. So far I've managed to avoid going to Las Vegas. ;-) Your list is impressive, and I'm curious about a few of those places. Can't wait to hear about them.

  17. I always enjoy reading the bucket lists you make for different seasons and holidays. I keep saying I'm going to make one "one of these days." I need to make a list to remember to make a bucket list. LOL

  18. Yes, you better get busy working on your bucket list. I will look forward to the photos of your adventures.
    I really enjoyed reading your answers to the questions; it tells just a bit more about you. I do find you delightful and fun.
    Blessings and hugs~

  19. I saw that too, but didn't do it, I don't do a lot of those kind of things on facebook, I think I did the what character are you most like on Downton Abbey but that's about it, LOL!
    Greg has his bucket list on his phone of places he wants to go and shot pictures, I just go along with him and if it is something I would like pictures of also I take them :) This past Wed. Thurs. we went and he shot pictures of a windmill farm and we went to a county fair and he took pics there, neither one of them were ones I cared for taking pics of, but next week we are heading to Michigan and I plan on taking pictures then :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend and get to cross off some things from your list!