Friday, May 15, 2015

Playing with Herbs!!!

I love growing fresh herbs and more often than not,
I have what I need growing in my herb garden.

I view sage as a winter herb, one for cold weather dishes. 
I don't use it very often, 
so I just buy it fresh when I need it.

The bunches of sage from the supermarket are always huge 
and I don't use that much,
so I decided to dry it, rather than throw it away.

It's super simple...

Wash and dry it well,

 tie with string...

slice up a brown bag,

 in it goes...more string,

I hung it from a kitchen cabinet door for 2 weeks,

and it came out looking perfect!!

And I just happen to have the perfect little jar to store it in...
could it be any cuter??

I also always have an abundance of basil,
that can be easily dried as well.
Washed and dried thoroughly, 
I just leave mine out on a cookie sheet,
until it gets all wrinkled and dry.

Here's the same pan a few weeks later.
It's so easy and I always feel a bit more like a "farmer"
when I grow my own!


  1. Very producing and good at using exttra grown produce

  2. Herbs is fantastic!
    And to make your own herbs is so fun.

  3. Aren't YOU the clever farmer, Miz Purple?! That sage in the bag thing is a neat trick.
    HAPPY Friday, dear!
    :) m & jb

  4. Great idea and all ready for winter!

  5. i use basil a lot but buy mine already minced. *sigh* i bet yours is tons better for flavor!

  6. I like this idea! I've always used a dehydrator, but the sheet pan sure looks easy! Because it's so dry here in the winter, I pull up an entire cayenne plant and hang it in the corner. In a few weeks, every pepper on it is dry and ready to store. Don't you just love herbs! I haven't yet planted mine for this year, but will the first of June.

  7. Well, clever you! That's a cute little jar for sure.

  8. You made me thinking about Scarborough Fair.

  9. Good for you with your neat idea!! Sometimes I like dried even better than fresh. This year I'm sharing my herbs with my son so I won't get overloaded.

  10. Debbie this is so cool, a perfect idea. I'm going to share this with my daughter and son-in-law they're big herb farmers and they'll love this.

  11. Excellent advice for drying herbs!

  12. I bet it makes for a delightful fragrance in the process as well.

  13. I always grow/dry herbs in the summer. Such an easy way to add flavor in the kitchen. I planted basil and rosemary this past weekend.

  14. I love your picture tutorial on drying the herbs; awesome! I must try it~

  15. That's a cute little herb jar for sure. This makes my second year planting herbs, basil & for some reason I bought peppermint don't ask me why I guess cause it smelt good. Thanks for the couple of good tips. Your a great farmer & teacher too.

    1. P.S. i guess i need to start reading the comments before i post. I started off sounding like montanagirl's comment. Lol

    2. just say what comes to mind, i find a lot of peeps are thinking the same thing!!! if you read the other comments, you will be here too long!!! i never read the comments when i visit a blog. i just write what comes to mind and never worry if it will be similar to what someone else wrote. the comments i receive, well i read them many times, because i they lift my spirits and guide me as well. i get a real feel for what my readers enjoy and i try to keep my entries versatile!!

  16. Hello Debbie, thanks for the tips. And I like the cute jar too. Awesome post!

  17. I have a bunch of basil that I was wondering what to do with. This is great! Thanks so much!

  18. neat ideas , I didn't know you could dry them in a bag like that

  19. Great ideas here. I'll give the basil a try as I can't keep it all year here. Sage on the other hand is rampant and I only use about 4 leaves a year!

  20. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Such a lovely thing to use home grown herbs. They have such pretty tiny flowers afterwards too. A beaut post :D)