Sunday, December 23, 2012

Poor Birdies

All of my bird feeders are empty and I am sure my birds are
feeling completely neglected.
I have not photographed them in days!
I do however have all my shopping & wrapping done.
My Christmas cards are mailed and
my family and friends are already enjoying them.
Right now, I am spending time in the kitchen,
baking and preparing for Christmas.
Yesterday I made my mothers Butter Cookies
 Cream 1 cup of butter with 1 cup of sugar
Add 1 unbeaten egg, 1/4 teaspoon salt
and 2 teaspoons of vanilla
Blend in 2 & 2/3 cups of flour
 Once your dough is prepared,
you can either roll the chilled dough on a floured surface
or use a cookie press.
I prefer the later.

That's it, easy peasy...

I love when the cookie jar is full.
 Today I made Raspberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies
these are even easier.

These will get a drizzle of glaze tomorrow.
For those that are interested, the recipe can be found here.

More baking and dip making tomorrow,
I sure do hope my "birds" surivive!


  1. i love those squirter butter cookies. my sis (who is no longer with us) used to bake those and the frosted sugar cookies, too, and send me a care package every christmas. :)

  2. Ficam lindas e saborosas. Também as fiz por aqui! beijos,FELIZ NATAL! chica

  3. Maybe your birds would like a cookie or two. They do look yummy!

  4. Ślicznie wyglądają w szklanych pojemniku z bałwankami. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
    Look pretty in a glass container with idols. Regards warm.

  5. Yum, yum!! When can I expect my box of goodies? Enjoy your Holiday!!

  6. they look so yummy good. let me give you my address ... i would love to try some purdy please. ha. ha!!

    pretty sure the birds will be ok until you return with feed.

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year in 2013. big hugs. ( :

  7. Hi Debbie....The birds with be okay, but the Cardinal will never come to see you again! ; )
    I bet you went to the bakery, brought those home ..through some flour on your face, and called yourself a great baker!!: )
    Enjoy your Christmas...and those cookies !!

  8. The cookies look delicious!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  9. Look how perfect those cookies are!! :)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! I'm glad I found you this year! (or did you find me???)

  10. Those butter cookies made with the press are my favorite! I used to make them all the time. Now I let my girls do the baking.

  11. Oh those do look yummy and thanks for the recipe. Merry Christmas to you both.

  12. Looks I speak...our Christmas is over... dinner has been eaten..presents have been tomorrow the last of the kids will be gone... sigh....

  13. Those cookies look sooo good.The birds will forgive you.:)

  14. It's a busy time of year...

  15. I love those little "flower cookies"!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Debbie!

  16. I forgot about my cookie gun! Maybe I will have to do spritz cookies for santa today. Yours look wonderful!

  17. Merry Christmas to you and to yours.

  18. Yummy!!! I didn't make a single cookie this year. Yours looks so yummy. Have a lovely Christmas!!

  19. I love both versions of your cookies dear Debbie. So pretty! And you always lament that you can't cook. Fibber!

    Wishing you and Chuck a very Merry Christmas!

  20. those look fantastic! yummy!

    merry christmas to you and to yours!

  21. I read all about your week!! You have been having fun@!! I did not do any baking this year. The various Christmases were tooscattered about. Now that I have been to church, I am simply relaxing!!!
    I love the Peeps store - I am going to send the address for that post to my daughter, and a couple of other people...

  22. Those look yummy. Hope you have had a great Christmas.

  23. yummy! Freddy got me a kindle fire! I think I can finally comment. I have so much to get caught up on. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Christmas wishes a bit late, Debbie. It looks like it was a delicious and sweet one too from this post. Thanks for sharing your life on this blog. It's always nice to see you and Chuck enjoying yourselves and shows. Our best wishes to you and yours in 2013.