Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stuff That Rocks

A Warm Fall Welcome

Hanging the outdoor Pumpkin Flag

Fall Reading, I adore Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

My kinda new Charging Station....Chuck added the cute little knob!!
I love, love, love this!!
The power strip is inside the charging station, only one plug comes out the back and plugs in to the outlet!!
It can charge up to four devices, holds a ton of stuff on top
and that cute little drawer holds all the little headsets and blue tooth devices that I never use!!
Half Price at Frontgate.....this really rocks!!

Banana Cupcakes from the Scone Pony...
there are no words!!

Is it a cookie or is it a brownie...heaven on a plate
and the reason I may never bake again!!

Letters from afar.....
many thanks to Jill at Chillin' With Jill for organizing the Mail Swap
and to my buddy Lisa at Two Bears Farm and the Three Cubs for my wonderful note!!

And last but not least, do you remember my scarf,
several friends asked "how do you wear that"??

That's me "rockin" the scarf,
you can wear it like this...

or like this...

or even like this!!

All the little stringy ribbons are knotted in the middle/back!!

Please stop by Amy's blog, and share all your rockin' stuff!!


  1. The scarf looks really great on you! The cupcake and the cookie....I'm am speechless...of my!

  2. Great post, all those lovely items. I love the colour of your front door. And that charging station - what a great idea,I've not seen anything like that before.
    Cakes and brownies - Mmmm say no more :)
    And lastly your scarf is really lovely and you really suit it.

  3. Ok that scarf looks awesome on you! How fun! Oh and that cupcake.... I can almost taste it. I so want in on the mail swap next time! It sounds Like so much fun!!! Thanks for linking up today! It always makes mine!! 

  4. The scarf looks awesome on you. And there you go again with those tasty tasty deserts. Oh my!

  5. I have just had a wonderful browse around your blog... thanks for sharing.

  6. love the scarf. :) too foofy for me, but you wear it well! and i'm glad you're ready for fall. we're still in the 90s yet - tomorrow too, but they're saying 80s after that. woo hoo!

  7. Wow! All of your things that rock...ROCK! Love your fall decor. Your scarf is perfect on you and that charging station is adorable!

  8. Love your fall decor! And the scarf looks so cute on you...or maybe it's you look cute with the scarf! LOL But did you just have to show us the cupcake and brownie??? Now I'm craving something sweet! :D

  9. Great post, I love the decor on your front porch. And Gee, that cupcake and brownie look delicious. Now, I want one too. You do look great in your scarf. Very pretty. Have a great day!

  10. I want the banana cupcake.

  11. haha i think you ROCK your scarf!

    and it is a very warm welcome indeed!

    big hugs from Indiana

  12. Love your scarf - and that cupcake looks delicious!

  13. Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing...

  14. Awesome post Deb. You modeled that scarf very nicely. :)

  15. You rock! What a fun post. I see you are ready for Fall :)

  16. You've got cool stuff Debbie :D)

  17. ohhhh...lots of rocking stuff, but I vote for the brownie cookie!!!!

  18. I love your scarf...and you didn't have to show us those desserts!

  19. Love this post. Really rocking that gorgeous scarf.