Sunday, September 4, 2011

Meeting & Remembering James!!

What an amazing man!
A World War II Veteran with amazing stories
and an incredible smile.
Ninety one years old today,
he was twenty one years old when he flew in...

The Witchcraft B-24 Liberator,
the only B-24 Liberator in the world still flying today!

Wingspan:  110 Feet
Length:  67 Feet, 7 5/8 Inches
Height:  18 Feet
Weight:  36,500 Pounds

Here's James...he was required to fly in 5 missions, he flew in 35.
He was so incredibly proud to tell me his story,

I was so honored to listen!
He remembered a lot of details from that time in his life.
He openly shared his fear.
He held back tears as he boarded the plane today, what an amazing man!
After taking this picture, he went with his niece to have a beer,
he sure earned it.

Another plane from World War II

The Betty Jane

A Bi-Plane from World War II


I don't ever want to forget this day, the things I learned, the stories I heard!
Thank You James, you made this an incredible day!!

Behind The Camera

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Ellie said...

James looks and sounds like a lovely man and at 91 (did you say 91) he looks great. What stories he must have to tell!!
My Dan would have really enjoyed that aeroplane display - he is fascinated by them.

Susan said...

God Bless all veterans.

Jill said...

Thank you for reminding us to honor our vets!

James looks so good! I'm so glad you were able to hear his stories.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, this gave me shivers and made my eyes well up a bit. thank you for sharing james with us. God bless him...

Tammy said...

Debbie, thanks so much for introducing us to James, and for sharing this wonderful story on "Behind the Camera" today. He looks amazing. I would never guess he was 91. God bless him.

Bonnie said...

Yes, the stories the men and women of WWII have to share is amazing. They took their job seriously, they did it and did not complain. I cannot read about these men without thinking of my own Dad, who at 94, will so generously sit and share his stories with us. These great men are leaving us one by one. I hope we never let their stories fade. Great post!

Jeannee said...

LOVE this - thank you so much!!!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Amazing! To hear these things first hand makes it so much more real.

krayolakris said...

God bless James...what amazing courage. Your post sure brought tears to my eyes. Love to see those old planes too. Thanks for sharing.

Ashley Ashbee said...

It seems pretty common for veterans to revisit the machinery and location they fought with during a war. I think it's a part of grief.

How special that James shared these moments with you and that you shared them with us.

diane b said...

A super story from behind the camera.

Rose said...

This will be a day you long remember. I would love to have been there...don't you wish you could have recorded the visit.

Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful story Debbie, and how lucky you were to have him share it with you!