Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day Trips!!

The hubs and I take a lot of day trips
and one nighters...(oh, does that sound naughty??)
You know what I mean, 2 days and one night away from the homestead.
In New Jersey, there are so many places we can go,
just for the day, and have a wonderful time.
This past Sunday we drove to Lambertville, New Hope
and Peddlers Village, in Pennsylvania.
Three distinctly different towns,
this entire area is about 1 hour from our home.
It's a beautiful spot, the weather was perfect and we had a super fun time.
It's a huge shopping area and I am not much of a shopper.
We wandered around and found some beautiful walking trails.
In Lambertville, we found a beautiful patch of morning glories,
in a gorgeous shade of purple.
I think these berries were part of the plant,
it looks as though they were hand painted by someone who loves color.
There wasn't anywhere to put the camera,
 so we could get a picture together.
We had the same problem at the Delaware River...
 this bridge connects Lambertville to New Hope.
Once we got to Peddlers Village,
 We found a spot for the camera and used the timer.
Finally, a picture together!!
I loved this windmill against the pretty blue sky,
and this gorgeous Koi Pond, loaded with fish!!
because as she said, there are a lot of hearts mixed in here!!


  1. Dear debbie!
    I love to look at your cheerful, happy, smiling faces!
    Fantastic photos.

  2. Great photos! The two of you look very happy!

  3. What wonderful memories you are making! I love your pics - especially the way the morning glory is glowing from within.

    Did you notice they have heart shaped leaves? And so do the lilypads! :=}

  4. That's a great recipe for fun! Sharing it with someone you love... or a good friend, or someone you just picked up... well the last one is a toss up.

    Hmm... you need a tripod. :)

    The photos are wonderful!

  5. You take such nice trips together.
    Lovely shots too.

  6. Great shots, I love Morning Glories!

  7. What a lovely series of photos. Glad you found that spot for the camera. I need to find more when Gregg and I go out. Lovely that you two get away on those over-nighter's.

  8. love the glories and the lilypads. and the smiles. :)

  9. Day trips are so much fun.We used to do a lot of that.I sure miss those times.Oh,sorry,I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the pictures.Those Morning Glories are glorious.

  10. Pretty photos, Debbie! I'm glad to see you out and having a good time!

  11. Hi Debbie. Gorgeous pictures. Blue sky with the windmill picture is really beautiful. ANA

  12. You sure look happy! Great pictures...pretty places!

  13. I almost went to Lambertville on Sunday!! How funny is that. I love all the photos, especially the ones of you and the hubs, but I do love the color of the sky in teh windmill pic.

  14. It is so nice to get away for a couple of days isn't it?
    You did get some great pictures - but my favourites are always the ones of you two together. Such a cute couple :))

  15. What a fun trip...looks like you two had a wonderful time, glad to see you out and about and having fun. That windmill is a good one with that bright blue sky and those morning glories are glorious!!

  16. Any frogs in that pond??? I hope you looked for some.

  17. Oh what a cute happy couple. I love your trips about. B

  18. Fun to see your smiling faces together! Looks like you had a great day. Was that an old mill wheel you were standing by?

  19. If there's not a spot to sit the camera do what we do. My hubby holds it out and snaps it haha. Great shots

  20. I used to go to Peddlers Village with my Grandmother, years ago... I'd forgotten all about it. Thanks for reminding me :)

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  22. I love the over-nighters, they are quick but fun! Love your photos, the old mill is neat. It is always great to see you two smiling together. Great shots. Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. We usually do little weekend trips too.

    Love the koi pond pic!