Sunday, May 1, 2011

The P.S. From Yesterday.....

......this p.s. stands for Pretty Special!!! As we were leaving Edel haus farm yesterday, Audrey and I were talking about always being on the lookout for blog material,  "rare finds". Interesting things in nature. She mentioned that a few days before she was driving down Campbell Road and she saw a cow giving birth, right at that moment. My eyes grew wide as plates as I listened carefully to every detail. Five calves she said, she had wittnessed the whole thing. Of course there was just one more question, "where exactly is this farm"?? Directions were provided and part two of the adventure began....finding this farm, knowing there was a chance we would spot the calves. And spot them we did........

they were waiting right at the fence for me......

how cute are these little guys?!?!?!

this picture gives a great example of their size......
the baby is snuggling under her momma!!!!

they ran around and played like puppies......

momma looks like she is ready to burst!!!!

these cows were huge....
and moooooing, a lot!!

they look a little like puppies....
they certainly were playful and had lot's of energy,
it's hard to believe they were born only a few days ago!!!!

We had loaded the bikes in the morning, had a couple of stops first, but the plan was to ride, on this  beautiful day. Two unexpected stops, two amazing "finds". Life on a detour.....we never did get to ride the bikes, but this was sooooo much better.


  1. I love the phrase, "life on a detour". Perfect! I love reading your post and seeing the beautiful closeness of you and your husband. You both seem like you enjoy spending time exploring together.

  2. Detours are often just the scenic routes.Baby calves are adorable and yes,very playful Living in farming country,even though I am not a farmer,I get see these more often,and never tire of the sight.

  3. i had JUST commented on a blog today that there is nothing better than calves playing in the field! they are pure delight and so full of spunk! you did good, dearie!

  4. Hi, Debbie! This post is really special treat for me! A cow can give birth to as many as 5 calves at one time? Running in a row or snuggling under her mother, they are so cute, yes, like puppies.

    I agree that life can be more enjoyable on a detour.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog. I, too, will keep up with you.