Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Backyard Birds

I read on Tammys Photography Spot , (she has an awesome blog), that she compiled a list of all the birds who visit her back yard feeders. That's a great idea. I currently have a book I love, torn and tattered, all marked up with notes and post-it's keeping track of all the birds who have dined at my feeders. Lot's of the hand written notes are old, they include the dates that birds were first spotted, how often they visited and where I first saw them.

New project.......make that list and possibly include photo's of all the birds I have taken over the years. 

For today, I will share a couple of new pictures I have taken over the past few days!!! That super crisp look still eludes me!!!!!

Beautiful Male Goldfinch

Male House Finch

Gray Catbird  


  1. I think they look pretty crisp. I am amazed at how close you got. I have been stalking a bunch of phoebes that aren't supposed to live here but now have had two babies and I can never get as close as you have.
    I always wanted to keep a list of the birds that I see. I need to try that. Have a wonderful day,

  2. i think they look good too! i'm so jealous on your catbird!

    (i'm so glad you and kim aka farm girl have found one another! you're both such sweet, wonderful women!)

  3. Keeping track of the birds one sees is a fun activity.I have kept records since 1990,so have quite a few birds on there.It is interesting to see how they return about the same time each year.

  4. I think they're beautiful! It seems everyones' yard are filled with such color. Maybe I need to take more time to stop and look...

    And....THANK you for your thoughtfulness in your donation!!!!

  5. Love it! We should design a birder's scrap book with room for notes and pictures.

    Thanks for the kind reference, too!