Thursday, May 19, 2011

Backyard Birdies!!!!

The yard overflowed with birds yesterday. As I opened the window, I was overcome with all the songs and sounds they provided. Their beautiful colors were everywhere. As I sat by the open window I felt a personal connection to each and every one.

I hope you enjoy viewing my pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Today, I am super excited to share.......

Male Goldfinch
my favorite capture of the day!!!!!

Male Cardinal
holding on tight, the boys are always prettier!!!!!

The beautiful Blue Jay
he swallows those peanuts whole!!!!!

Red Bellied Woodpecker
look at those coat tails!!!!!!

Gray Catbird
these guys sit and pose for hours!!!!!

The American Robin
I think this is a male, I love the tilting of his head!!!!

Song Sparrow
I just love the softness of this bird!!!!!!

Male Cardinal
So beautiful, so easy to love!!!!!

Mourning Dove
Was able to capture the only moment of sun we've had in days!!!!

Female Cardinal
I was super surprised to see her enjoy the peanuts I put on the deck rail!!!!

How lucky am I?!?!?

It rained most of the day and it mattered not. These guys filled their bellies and emptied the feeders. Tomorrow will be filled with cleaning and filling all the feeders, scrubbing the bird bath and hanging this.........

hummingbird feeder which I spotted on Haven Woodhouse's Blogs 
and the hubs picked up at our special little bird shop while he was out doing the all important errands!!!!!

I spent a lot of time at the window yesterday, took all these "good" photo's in one day. 
Today I will be busy with "necessary" things, I am so glad yesterday was so "productive"!!!!!


  1. they're all beautiful. you live in backyard birdie paradise, my friend. :) still jealous of that gorgeous catbird... :(

    my favorite was the mourning dove. the stance, the light. their sweet form.

    you really need to make your pictures bigger on your blog so we can enjoy more of what you have to share without clicking each one! :) (I know... takes time! and then you might blow away your lovely purple borders!)

  2. A rainbow of birds! Just beautiful.

  3. I wish I could have sat there with you,watching all these birds.Birds bring so much joy into a life.

  4. Oh My Goodness! I cannot believe you caught all these! I was going to tell you what one was my favorite...but I love them all! LOVELY!

  5. Just lovely, you have so many birds at your feeder.

  6. WOW! I need to know your trick :) You have such a variety of birds!! That song sparrow is just beautiful! I also really like that new feeder. Can't wait to see the photos you get with that :)

  7. Beautiful photos of beautiful birds. It looks like we have a lot of the same visitors. I too love the little goldfinches. They always remind me of little lemon drops.

    I'm so glad you found that hummingbird feeder! It's the best I've had by far. And thanks so much for the link! I'm adding you to my "kindred spirits" list at Havenwood.

  8. Wow what beautiful pictures! I can't believe you took all those in one day. You must have so many birds coming to your feeders. I will be back to try to figure out your secrets.