Friday, May 20, 2011

Date Night

Last night, was date night. I was mesmerized as I watched this male brown-headed cowbird "court" the female.

He had an unrelenting "displaying of his feathers" as he tried,
unsuccessfully I might add, to impress her.
His body was a beautiful shade of blue, which contradicts the description in my bird book......

here they are together......

the female, also looked quite different then the picture in my bird book.

I read they should be discouraged at feeders as they are parasitic on other birds.

I must admit, this pair was beautiful!!!!!!!  


  1. wow! you got some great detail on these two! i especially love the male with his bluish hues! my females look just like these - don't have near the spots some folks show them to have.

  2. (still wish you'd be able to stretch your posts a bit more to accomodate bigger pix! i'm becoming a nag, aren't i?!)

  3. nemesis - the Brown Headed Cow bird. The neighborhood bully of all feeders.


    You have some great shots of them! I think they do look pretty with their feathers all puffed up.

  4. He is so gorgeous.Nice post. B

  5. Love your bird photos. I have been buried in my studio unable to enjoy my own birds. Thanks for giving me such an enjoyable respite.

  6. I enjoy them too, in spite of them being parasites. They have a really cool song too. It's funny, but when you spend enough time watching birds you get to know who's around by their song.

  7. Even a bad bird can be beautiful. Great shots of the pair in action!

  8. What a wonderful date night for those two. Lovely pictures.