Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fun!!!!!

I had a long day with my mom today, it was both fun and difficult all blended together. We had lunch together which was super fun, Olive Garden, soup, salad and bread sticks, yum!!! We each replaced our eyeglasses, I lost mine, she sat on hers. I thought it was very convenient that we did it at the same time, (well not at the exact moment, but pretty close), it made the trip necessary for both of us.

Chuck had busy work to do today.....once he arrived home I grabbed the camera and said "let's chase some fun", he was, of course, on board and we headed out!!!!!

The first stop is always looking for these guys.....they never disappoint.......

The Deer at Allaire State Park

Next stop, a local marina......
I thought this was just gorgeous.....
with the mirror images of the boats,
the landscape reflection and the stunning sky!!!!!

and this little guy.....skimming across the water....
I have no idea what this was?!?!


  1. I really like the reflection shot.Sounds like you had a busy day.

  2. i wonder if that was a weasel? muskrat? too cool! love the reflection shot!

  3. Beautiful shots! Muskrat or Otter?

  4. Nice! You seem to have had a lot of fun. Yes, the mirror images of the boats are perfect and I like the color tone of the photo. Your deer looks a little different from ours in Nara Park. The first fawn of this season was born last week. Have a nice weekend, Debbie.

  5. Hahahaha...oh too funny! I like that you both did your glasses in together;)
    And Olive Garden is my ABSOLUTE favorite place to eat. My sister and I went there once for the soup,salad, bread stick lunch- and the waitress told us she has never seen 2 girls pack away so much food in one sitting;))

  6. So many great shots!
    Have a great weekend!!