Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hospital Humor!!!!!

As I opened my eyeballs this morning my mind was already in overdrive with excitement, what shall I write about today. In the last few weeks, I have gathered lot's of "blog material". So much in fact, that I actually have crap saved to use when I come up dry, but lately, I find I have a lot to talk about. Today's dilemma, "The Hospital, The Nitty Gritty" or "Hospital Humor", lucky for you guys, I went with the latter. The Nitty Gritty was going to be difficult. I had an exacerbation of my MS caused by an infection and remember almost nothing. I kept a diary, I can't read it. Received hardcore antibiotic's and steroids and they sent me on my way. 5 days filled with lot's of love and some pretty funny moments!!!!

The first thing I learned in the hospital, if you would like your doctor to visit, start your "sponge bath". I am not completely sure why they call it a "sponge bath", there was no sponge involved but starting it definitely secures a visit from the doctor. My "sponge bath" involved quite a parade of people I did not even know I was expecting. Chuck disappeared, I later heard he was selling tickets in the hall.

This is the only time in your life people will serve you 3 meals a day and you will not be able to eat anything. I will add to that, that if you don't eat for 7 days you will gain at least 5 pounds for "non-activity", you lose  NOTHING for the fact that you did not eat. People will ask you every day if you have had a bowel movement, this I found really interesting. I have not eaten, I can not walk, I have not left this bed.....uuuummmm no and who cares anyway, do you really think that is my biggest problem.

Let's move on to flatulence, better know as "gas". I don't know about you BUT I thought that was kinda private. Woman don't have gas and if we do we certainly don't admit it, let alone talk about it. And again, is this really so important, my legs don't work!!!

I learned that physical therapist's should not eat garlic the night before they are getting you up for the very first time. Chuck gets way to excited about the "Room Service Menu", (yes in this hospital, it is room service) and blinds can be opened with very long straws and a lot of determination.

No post is complete without photo's so here we go.................


Kim and I
my favorite nurse......
married, 2 kids, working full time, going to school part time
with an amazing spirit!!!!

Dr. McDreamy!!!!!

getting my hair washed.....
these things really do work!!!!

I always tried to smile!!!!!!

I stared at these for 5 days
and I really love my butterfly!!!!!!

Nurses are amazing woman, they lift you up and carry you through, they run the show!!!

Coming home was awesome and frustrating!!!!!

I am walking today without the walker and it feels amazing!!!!! 


  1. oh hurray!!!

    (this was a very fun post - altho i know it was not fun for you to go thru it, but thanks for sharing the humorous parts of your surprise hospital stay!)

  2. I hate all that you had to go through but I love your humor!! You have a great way of looking at it :D

  3. I am sorry you had to go through this but you have an amazing sense of humour. I love that. Nice toes and Dr. McDreamy is right. LOL. Get well soon. B

  4. Bless you! You look beautiful! I hope you are up and about full time soon.

  5. You always have a smile on your face Debbie, I'm not sure how you do it all the time. That's a good post which made me smile along with Doc McDreamy lol.

  6. You are so amazing. You always smile, even during tough times. Of course, Dr. McDreamy helped a bit, I am sure!