Saturday, May 14, 2011


do you really know what that means?!?!? Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. First, take a minute and wrap your brain around that. Now that we've got that straight, let's talk about how this phrase is most commonly used. Most times it is used to demonstrate the amount of time someone does something, good or bad, it implies one is doing something, alot!! People always say they "work" 24/7, but they don't. They work a lot. People say they are together with their spouse 24/7 but all that really means is they are together a lot!! Some say this guy drinks 24/7, that is usually the truth.

I say that Chuck and I are together 24/7, 365 and it's really true, we are never apart. Some days I can "hide" outside for a bit, pretend I am doing something to sit quietly with my thoughts but lately I live in 2 rooms and have no place to hide. Thank God I love him, more then anyone will ever know. Thank God he is perfect for me and I for him. We love nature walks and flowers, bike rides and picnic's. What I am really trying to say is "we" like anything that "I" like. 

Chuck and I on a recent visit to Longwood Gardens!!!!

Thank you to my sweetheart, for loving me,
for being my best friend for almost 33 years,
for being the best part of my life!!!!!

I can't close without sharing our favorite conversation of late.......
When Chuck goes anywhere, usually to get the mail or the news paper, he says
"you o.k.??.....I always reply "yes"
He says "I'll be back" and I reply "I'll be here"!!!!


  1. oh that is precious. hug that man of yours for me! i love that you are so in love.

  2. That is so sweet! And how wonderful that you found someone that you enjoy spending so much time with. I love my hubby, but I don't know if I could spend 24/7 with him! I'd like to think I could but....? :D

  3. Your happiness and sweet words made me happy. I think my husband and I make up for each other and is a good team.

  4. Congratulations! You have something rare and special, cherish it.

  5. A big hug and thank you right back at you honey. You're a great wife and my best friend. Everyone needs some time and space. I love the time we spend together and the great memories we make along the way. Love ya.

  6. This brought tears to my can hardly find a love like this nowadays!!!! Cherish the blessing that's yours:))))))

  7. A relationship like this is worth more than gold.I know,because I had just such a relationship with my husband,before he moved to glory.