Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Yarn Along

I started another "boy" Chevron Baby Blanket.
These blues are different from the last blue blanket I made and gifted to my pregnant niece Sarah.

This blanket has been "frogged", which means ripped out if you don't know the lingo.
I can't really knit and talk, I know that about myself.
But another thing I recently learned is that I can't really knit and travel.
The white was done, the next 10 rows of blue were done, but I had to take those entire parts out...
I knitted 2 too many rows of the white and I had way too many mistakes.
It was my travel knitting and that did not work out too well,
but I am back on track and happy,
 it looks so much better.

I wanted to add some colorful fall leaves to this picture,
I went outside this morning to pick some up and I realized that we don't really have any.
What we do have are a zillion huge cobwebs...
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And a question for my crafty people, what are you guys working on?


  1. Hi Debbie, I have learned the meaning of Frogged. It is a pretty blanket, I love the colors. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  2. Te quedará muy bonita Debbie.
    Buen miércoles.

  3. Debbie, beautiful set of colors.

  4. I love your special touch of autumn leaves!

  5. The baby blanket in blue that I was trying to design along the way, has been put aside as one night, laying in bed, it came to me how to work the design. So I got a pound of PINK yarn and have started a Precious Baby Girl one.
    Unfortunately, I am going to have to frog the entire blue one and start over.

  6. What a gorgeous blanket you are working on! A nice touch to have the leaves taken in the picture with the blanket! :)

  7. The blanket is beautiful - the colors are so nice and will carry forward when the child gets older, too. I need quiet and no distractions to crochet, too. I can't tell you how many times I've had to start a row over because 'The Mr.' starts talking to me in the middle of a difficult row. I'm in between projects right now, but getting the itch to start something new. x K

  8. I think you are in very good company re the frogging of your baby boy blanket. It happens to me all the time. Loving the blue in this blanket. Would you believe I am stitching my applique quilt. =)