Monday, October 22, 2018

New York Sheep & Wool Festival 2018

Once again, unless you live on Mars, you know where I spent this past weekend,
The New York Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, New York
I hold nothing back!
The festival was amazing,
 but even more amazing than that was the time spent with my knitting crew.
We rented a house, 14 of us, all knitters and crocheters...
and we had the time of our lives.
I know we "all" did because I was there, and you just can't hide that much fun and laughter.
There is nothing better than the sound of laughter...
14 women knitting together, cooking together, sharing stories and laughing till they "snort"!

I'll show you some pictures of the festival today, and the animals tomorrow.

Duchess County Fairgrounds

Festival Map

Love Wool O

briar rose


This is the back of the sweater that Leanne knitted to wear to the festival.
The hand stitching on the sweater has a lot of meaning.
The Barn Swallow on the back represents the Farm...
There are 5 cherry blossom blooms on the front,
1 for each of her children and 1 for her husband and herself.
The buttons were made from a branch from that very cherry tree, 
the tree that meant so much to her as a child.
She still lives on that farm, the farm that I learned to knit on.
It's such a great story!








Sheep Shed

A beautiful hand knitted wrap. 



Outside booths

Leaping Lamas

Leaping lamas, goats, sheep and alpacas.

Becky's unfinished hat - I met Becky at the show!


The parade of animals...

Thanks for coming, see ewes next year!


  1. I freely confess that I do not live on Mars, nor did I know where you went this past weekend.

  2. Hello, the festival does look like fun. I am sure you were in heaven with all the yarn and crafts and the animals. Sounds like a fun group of ladies having fun and sharing what the knitting they love. Great photos. Enjoy your day, have a great new week!

  3. It looks like an interesting place but the rental sounds fun!

  4. I'm not a knitter at all and have never particularly felt sad about that .... but now I kind of do!! What a lot of fun -- good friends to share with -- amazing to be able to rent that big house for your group. Wow.

  5. Sounds like a fun festival! Enjoyed your pictures so much!

  6. Wow, what a wonderful adventure for you. Those beautiful photos tell the story of this fun moment of time. I love the unique parade of animals. I find this a very interesting festival. I am sure you had fun there but I know your focal point was the exciting times with your friends. I can just imagine, all the knitting, crocheting, chitchatting and lot of laughter and of course food. I love that you have this magical time with friends. Blessings and hugs!

  7. I can see the smile on your face,as I scroll through these pictures. So glad you got to go.

  8. Oh yes, I can remember when you went last year.
    Wow, what a jam-packed day your photos show us Debbie. Love Leanne's knitted and the symbolic stitching - beautiful!
    Those soaps look nice, bet they smelt terrific. Loved the art too (especially those two cute little calves). Also the art on the fiber packets. So much colour and yarn... oooh lovely!

  9. Glorious. Becky looks like a hoot! You could not have gotten me past the Button booth! I had to wonder about the nun with the llama??? Looks like my kind of event. Can't wait to see your next post on this topic!

  10. This must have been wool heaven for you. The wool is so colourful.

  11. Oh my goodness, I just think that would be so amazing to go. What an awesome place and all of those animals and all of that beautiful wool. I think it sounds like the perfect getaway. I am so glad you you went.

  12. Oh wow looks like a fantastic day weather wise and oh my goodness all those beautiful yarns in all of those fabulous colors, I bet you picked up a few of those ;) That sweater that Leanne made is just gorgeous, so cool that she has the meaning behind it also! I had to laugh at the unfinished hat. So glad to hear you had a great time!

  13. Your weekend is stuff of dreams. How fabulous to share all this fun with other kindred spirits. All those gloriously coloured yarns are delicious and isn't Leanne's sweater great. Sounds as if everybody had the best time.

  14. Hanging out with a bunch of wool and women laughing is my idea of a perfect weekend. Good for you!

  15. Oh Debbie, this looks fantastic! Is this the same one you attended last year, maybe?---or was that something different? This lokos like a great time of fun and friendship...and NEW FRIENDS TOO. I sure enjoyed all the pictures, the BEAUTIFUL FALL TREE (don't see those here) and all the prettily displayed wares to buy like the soaps, the yarns, etc. I love the animal parade most of all. Those animals are gorgeous! We've been away on vacation, so I am trying to catch up on your posts tonight. I swear my poor fingers have "forgotten" how to type replies.........ha ha ha ha LOl

  16. Just saw the previous post on the cardinals, and had to comment real quick....that is another of my "all time" favorites of yours...that first picture is the closest and CLEAREST I've ever seen a cardinal, just love it! Just such an exceptional photograph and I love how they seem to be so calm and content and not threatened by you near-by! I learn so much about birds from you, thank you thank you!

  17. Great photos and report of the festival. good fun.

  18. Oh my goodness, these are a fabulous festival, complete with the most adorable critters as well! How fun.

  19. Looks like a fun festival. Loved all the pretty colors of yarn. - I'm allergic to wool though so no sweaters for me.

  20. The festival sure looks like fun, what a great series of photographs.

    All the best Jan

  21. You must have had all kinds of fun! :-)