Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going Batty!!!!

I'm going a little bit batty here.........

He was not too happy to see me.......
and um, he has teeth.......

I was not so thrilled to see him either.......

I thought it was a bird.......

It appears we have a nest.....
between the house siding and the deck....
can you see there little faces peaking out!!!!

To have bats in the belfry is an old expression meaning to be crazy.


Perhaps, I need to go for a ride in the car!!!!


  1. well, on the bright side, they're GREAT mosquito eaters! :)

  2. Ewww, they give me the creeps. I'll bet you weren't pleased to see him. Makes for a good photo though!!

  3. I agree with texwisgirl. They are wonderful for the environment. They eat tons of mosquitos. They are relatively harmless little creatures. I would love to have a bat box.

  4. A great series of what must have been quite a surprise.
    Nice detail and it appears you'll have more in the future! :-)

  5. Maybe I am a bit weird, but I like bats. And yes they are great for the environment. The only problem with them nesting in your siding is that the poop can get pretty stinky. Great shots!

  6. EEEEKKK!!! They give me the willies but they do eat mosquitoes so I'd keep them. Hope you're doing better today. Was this taken in daylight? And I hate the first pic....scary teeth!

  7. There is NO way I could have stayed there and taken that ugly critters picture. You are a brace woman!

  8. I think they look kinda cute peeking out from their hiding places. They do eat their share of bugs so I would let them stay as long as they behave. LOL.


  9. Eww is right I think I would have took off running once he showed his teeth.Good luck :)

  10. I know they are beneficial, but my word! I've got the willies just seeing that first photo! :)

    Right now, I'm not able to sit out on my porch at night because they are flying in catching the bugs!
    (I've never had them to fly that close to my head before!--I wonder if this heat has something to do with that?)

  11. They are creepy little things, aren't they? But, as Texwisgirl said, they eat the mosquitos and other little bugs. The tiny noses showing in the last picture though are cute.

  12. I am not super fond of bats,but I would take them over a grasshopper any time.Just keep your camera ready,for more photo shoots.

  13. I love bats. You are lucky to have them in your belfrey! Thanks for the great photos.

  14. Well aren't you the busy gal! I'm just catching up on all your posts from the weekend. We would love to have the bats. They eat thousands of mosquitos! My son built a bat box and placed on our shed to try to attract them...none yet :(

  15. I'm with Jill...and I can take A LOT of pictures...but I couldn't have taken those - youd've heard me scraming all the way at your place...then there would be the running. yuck!! (I mean, great photos, but yuck!!)