Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Coal House!!!!

Friday night we had an early dinner here..........

The Coal House, for coal fired pizza....
It you have never tried it, it is delicious!!!!

pizza tossing guy.......
can you see our pizza right above the light???

He really loves that I come in with my camera.....
I think he thinks I am a food critic.....
I guess I am in a way!!!

We started with a "blurry" salad......
the salad is huge, I forgot to take a picture of the whole thing,
this is about one quarter, the hubs & I share it!!!

This is what was left of the pizza when I remembered to take a picture!!!!
whoooooops......I get so excited when the food comes,
I often forget to take a picture!!!!

I love the decor.....
even if it is a lil crooked!!!!

The pizza tossing guy was hiding......
he had clearly had enough!!!!!

The flowers in this place are always gorgeous!!!!


  1. I love pizza I would have loved to be here it looks like a great place. Love the flowers too. B

  2. the pizza tossing guy thinks you're a stalker! :)

  3. Mmm...that pizza sounds and looks great! I agree with T...he thinks you're a stalker. Unlike me with the golden haired cowboy. ;)

  4. OK, now I'm really hungry and I don't have a pizza on hand.

  5. What a neat place! I see your pizza in the air! :)

    The salad and pizza looks delicious!

  6. What a fun, fun place to eat!! I love eating where the food is made fresh right there, where the greens are crispy and the pizza is tossed. I can understand the blurs the crooked and the putting the camera at the bottom of the important-things-to-do list.