Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fun On A Detour......

First let me tell you, there is nothing better then an unplanned detour. Turning on to an amazing country road, having no idea what you will find. A few weeks back, we did just on a detour, come ride along........

The Allentown Feed Company

We found this amazing old desperate need of some love!!!!

I found this in the back of the feed company....
some sort of "grape press"?!?!

Whimsical gift shop, with lots of recycled products.....
I tell you, some people are just soooo creative.

There was an adorable ice cream shop right across the street, but we just could not do it.
We had just finished eating at Cracker Barrel and I could still taste the Apple Cobbler!!!! 

Next stop........

was here.....we come here often for a nature fix!!!!

we saw this cute little bunnie......

and this guy stretching, trying to get on the bird feeders!!!!!

We stumbled across this old public school in the town where Chuck grew up.....

Ardena Public School No. 2

The school was built in 1855 and moved to this spot in 1971.
Chuck remembers seeing it moved here as he went by on the school bus!!
He grew up here in Howell Township. 

Thanks for riding along......I hope you enjoyed these little surprises as much as we did!!


  1. I just love taking little trips like this one. The feed mill and schools were terrific finds! Sounds like the perfect day to me.

  2. love that feed building with its blue windows! really neat. thanks for the bunny and squirrel too! :)

  3. What a fortunate turn when you headed down the new road. I fine series that is varied and very interesting. Too bad you couldn't sample the ice cream too.

  4. Love the old feed stores/grain buildings. They were the life source of many a small town. :)

  5. Love the old feed mills ... my grandfather used to manage one ... spent many a summer wandering around it.

  6. What a great detour! Thanks for taking us on tour with you! I love the old buildings!

  7. yah! I love little detours! espesially when we choose them, not because we have to!

    Thanks for sharing

  8. What do you ice cream? I've missed your adventures while out of town.

  9. This is one of my favorite things to do! I just pick a main road, and then take a turn onto every little back road off of it. I have found some of the most wonderful things to photograph by doing this!

    Love these photographs!

    I hope your Thursday was a wonderful one in every way.

  10. That was a very nice detour. I love how upbeat you are about even detours! You always make me so happy too.

  11. Neat little town. Love the old public school building!

  12. Thanks for the tour! It was very interesting. I too love to take the long way home sometimes.

  13. I was born in Allentown! Wouldn't that building be amazing structure to renovate? An artisans workshop space with little carts of home made goodies for ale and a cafe on the first floor??!!!