Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do You See What I See!!!!!!!

Let me begin by saying that I never win anything, never, ever!!!! Dating back to
September 19, 1958, I have never won anything!!!!

I recently WON two gorgeous glass candle holders. Thick, sturdy with the cutest handles ever, I could not be more excited to share pictures. Lets see if you can spot them.......

O.K......that was easy, are they not perfecto!!!!!

I am totally in love. Marissa even included the candles!!!!

So one big huge thank you to Marissa over at

If your not following her blog, you should be. It's incredibly awesome!!!!

Pop on will instantly fall in love!!!!


  1. I do see them and they are something I would like, too.

    The only time I ever won anything, it was something I didn't even like...I just took a chance to donate to the cause. haha

  2. hurray! aren't they the cutest things ever? remind me of those old electric pole glass things...

  3. so pretty! we are collecting all sorts of fun glass bud vases and candle holders for center pieces at my daughter's wedding - I am so into stuff like this right now!Congrats!

  4. Well aren't those cute!! Congratulations on your win Debbie.


  5. When I looked at this pretty photo, I thought I saw the candle holders and enlarged it to make sure. They are lovely, I would be thrilled to win these. Congratulations Debbie.

  6. Congratulations - what a prize, they are lovely.

  7. Cute and colorful :)
    I'll pop on over and chech out her blog.

  8. I love those! Pretty colors. Congrats Debbie!

  9. Love them! Congratulations. Now you will have to change your, "I haven't won anything since" date. Hugs!

  10. Debbie, I'm so glad you like them!

    I love how you have displayed them - I also LOVE that ginger jar. It's a beautiful piece!